Welcome to the new Asterisk blog! This venue was set up by Alice Allen, one of Asterisk’s volunteers as well as the editor for one of its components: ASCL, the Astrophysics Source Code Library. As this site is not part of NASA, anything said here by anyone does not imply a statement by NASA nor an endorsement from NASA.

As I created the discussion board, I guess I am Starship Asterisk’s de facto first captain. Anyone with an interest in astronomy can become an officer and help bring astronomy information to the public and even professional astronomers. An example is Alice herself, a professional with no formal training in astronomy but who is just doing a tremendous amount of good.

Today Starship Asterisk is embarking on a new mission (besides this blog): visiting world class presentations about interesting and topical areas of astronomy. There are just so many interesting lectures circulating out there that it would be a shame not to try to post the best of them here. As Alice is leading this mission and already has some really interesting lectures lined up, I will therefore yield the next blog post to her so that she can better introduce the seminar series.

- Robert Nemiroff

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3 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Qwame Wells says:

    I am so excited to see the items you have put on the site so far. This is amazing and I wish you could get a lot of middle school and high school studetns to your site to help improve our science knowledge, one kid at a time. Thanks for beautiful and informative presentations.

  2. shailesh says:

    Absolutely promising start. Please keep up the good work of spreading/sharing the knowledge. With so much research and observations/analysis, on one side, we are learning many new things, we have lot of answers and at the same time, more questions are coming up. That is good as it will provide more fuel to continue the research and strive to get more answers than questions.

  3. Ian Lomas says:

    I really appreciate this initiative. I have just listened to the Neptune and Vulcan presentation and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am studying a Natural Science degree with the Open University in the UK and the APOD photos are one of my daily rituals – I feel that these seminars will be a regular feature as well.

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