APOD mirrors and social sites

APOD’s main NASA site is http://apod.nasa.gov/, which directs you to http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/astropix.html. This main site is the first to update and the most likely to be up-to-date. (Here is an automatic backgrounder program for Windows that accesses the main site; this does not work in Windows 7.)

New Media APOD-Related Content
Several “new media” venues carry APOD-related content; most of these are done on a volunteer basis and are not supported directly by APOD or NASA. APOD considers these to be mirror sites that make classic APOD content readable not in a different language — but with different technology. Some of these venues might partially support themselves by carrying advertising next to uncopyrighted images. This seems OK to us and we have therefore given them permission to use APOD text as it seems to give a broader reach to APOD’s educational mission. Please note that neither APOD nor NASA receives any part of any advertising revenue.

Mirror sites
Mirror sites are created and maintained by volunteers and are not supported directly by APOD or NASA; we thank the mirror operators for their work and dedication in bringing APOD to others in different languages.

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