space and time

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space and time

Post by Larry Turner » Wed May 05, 2010 6:56 pm

Time and Space

Consider that space is made up of very small cells that reproduce by splitting. Time is a tick when a particle/string exits a space cell and enters another.

Dark energy

The expansion of the universe would be explained by the space cells splitting. The further away an object is, the more reproducing space cells between the objects. Further objects would be seen as retreating faster than closer objects.


The relativity of time would be explained by a particle/string distending the space cell based upon it’s speed. The longer it took to exit the space cell, the slower it’s clock would tick.

Multiple dimensions

The multiple dimensions theorized in string theory could be explained by the space cell’s splitting. A new space cell would be a different dimension that previously existed. The new dimension may exist for a very short time until it is assimilated into the normal dimensions.

Dark matter

The unseen dark matter could consist of space cells. Space cells could be something other than nothing, even if the cell was vacant or considered a vacuum.


The appearance/disappearance of particles/strings could be explained by our detection being limited to either while the particle/string is in a space cell or while it is transition to another cell. Which could explain why we can’t determine speed and location at the same time. Speed would be determined while the particle/string is in transition, location would be determined while the particle/string is in the space cell


Nothing would be the absence of space cells. Movement would have to be from space cell to space cell. Movement would be impossible from space cell to nothing. Nothing can go on forever because there is no time in nothing.

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Re: space and time

Post by bystander » Wed May 05, 2010 7:11 pm

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