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WorldWide Telescope Viewer

Postby alter-ego » Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:56 am

After years of planning and execution, the new interactive tool for exploring the universe is available. I see the WorldWide Telescope has been referenced in the forum's past, but I thought I add in here now: It is the WorldWide Telescope. I first read about it in the April '15 S&T magazine, and found an S&T article here: How to Use the WorldWide Telescope.
I like this synopsis:
How to Use the WorldWide Telescope wrote:Researching with WorldWide Telescope
NASA's Astrophysics Data System (ADS) is the font of almost all astronomical literature published since the 19th century. WorldWide Telescope makes that immense repository available as a "heatmap", basically an atlas that shows every source on the sky with published data and analysis. Researchers can use the ADS All-Sky Survey in WorldWide Telescope to put their sources in context of the sky and fade between datasets at different wavelengths.

The March 8 APOD was easily recreated (different palette). On an other view (below), the full Spitzer panorama is visible overlaid on the Milky Way. The Spitzer panorama can be made visible to invisible revealing the contrast between the dust laden galactic plane and Spitzer's panorama.

WorldWide Telescope.JPG

I've only just looked at this utility. I have the feeling I've just only scratched the surface.
Check it out.
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