AAO: Scientists Unveil New 3D View of Galaxies

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AAO: Scientists Unveil New 3D View of Galaxies

Postby bystander » Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:57 pm

Scientists Unveil New 3D View of Galaxies
Australian Astronomical Observatory | 2017 Jul 27

For many years astronomers have struggled to get good-quality 3D data of galaxies. Although this technique is very powerful as it allows researchers to “dissect” objects, this was a slow process as each galaxy had to be observed independently.

Novel Australian designed and built instrumentation called the “Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral-field” (SAMI) unit at the 3.9m Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) now allows astronomers to simultaneously view many galaxies at the same time. ...

The SAMI team has now released to the astronomical community the hiqh-quality 3D data of 772 galaxies (the “SAMI Data Release 1”, DR1). This is around 20% of the full galaxy sample (around 3600 galaxies) that will be obtained with the SAMI instrument at the AAT. ...

The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Data Release One with Emission-line Physics Value-Added Products - Andrew W. Green et al
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