UT Dallas: Data Discrepancies May Affect Understanding of the Universe

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UT Dallas: Data Discrepancies May Affect Understanding of the Universe

Post by bystander » Sat Jun 09, 2018 10:56 pm

Data Discrepancies May Affect Understanding of the Universe
University of Texas, Dallas | 2018 Jun 05

Astrophysics Team Develops Tool That Could Lead to Answers Behind the Expansion of the Cosmos

One of the unsolved mysteries in modern science is why the expansion of the universe appears to be accelerating. Some scientists argue it is due to a theoretical dark energy that counteracts the pull of gravity, while others think Albert Einstein’s long-accepted theory of gravity itself may need to be modified.

As astrophysicists look for answers in the mountains of data gathered from astronomical observations, they are finding that inconsistencies in that data might ultimately lead to the truth. ...

Ishak-Boushaki and his doctoral student Weikang Lin have developed a new mathematical tool that identifies and quantifies inconsistencies in cosmological data gathered by various scientific missions and experiments. Their findings could shed light on the cosmic acceleration conundrum and have a significant impact on our understanding of the universe. ...

“The inconsistencies we have found need to be resolved as we move toward more precise and accurate cosmology,” Ishak-Boushaki said. “The implications of these discrepancies are that either some of our current data sets have systematic errors that need to be identified and removed, or that the underlying cosmological model we are using is incomplete or has problems.” ...

Cosmological discordances II: Hubble constant,
Planck and large-scale-structure data sets
- Weikang Lin, Mustapha Ishak Cosmological discordances: A new measure, marginalization effects,
and application to geometry versus growth current data sets
- Weikang Lin, Mustapha Ishak
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