UCB: Can Entangled Qubits Be Used to Probe Black Holes?

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UCB: Can Entangled Qubits Be Used to Probe Black Holes?

Post by bystander » Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:32 pm

Can Entangled Qubits Be Used to Probe Black Holes?
University of California, Berkeley | 2019 Mar 06
Physicists have used a seven-qubit quantum computer to simulate the scrambling of information inside a black hole, heralding a future in which entangled quantum bits might be used to probe the mysterious interiors of these bizarre objects.

Scrambling is what happens when matter disappears inside a black hole. The information attached to that matter — the identities of all its constituents, down to the energy and momentum of its most elementary particles — is chaotically mixed with all the other matter and information inside, seemingly making it impossible to retrieve.

This leads to a so-called “black hole information paradox,” since quantum mechanics says that information is never lost, even when that information disappears inside a black hole.

So, while some physicists claim that information falling through the event horizon of a black hole is lost forever, others argue that this information can be reconstructed, but only after waiting an inordinate amount of time — until the black hole has shrunk to nearly half its original size. ...

Verified Quantum Information Scrambling ~ Kevin A. Landsman et al Disentangling Scrambling and Decoherence via Quantum Teleportation ~ Beni Yoshida, Norman Y. Yao
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