KFU: New Argument on the Axion Nature of Dark Matter

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KFU: New Argument on the Axion Nature of Dark Matter

Post by bystander » Fri Feb 07, 2020 5:48 pm

New Argument Presented to Highlight the Axion Nature of Dark Matter
Kazan Federal University, Russia | 2020 Feb 05
According to the hypothesis, axionic dark matter, provoking structural rearrangement in compact stars with a strong magnetic field, can protect them from a catastrophic loss of magnetic energy, but at the same time allows such objects to rotate abnormally fast.

“Dark matter is a cosmic substance that does not directly interact with photons, and all information about it was obtained by astronomers only indirectly, as a result of gravitational lensing of light from distant galactic sources,” comments one of the co-authors, Professor at the Department of Relativity Theory and Gravitation Alexander Balakin. “It is believed that the total mass of dark matter is 23% of the total mass of the Universe. The particles that form dark matter are apparently axions - hypothetical ultralight pseudo-Goldstone bosons. Dozens of laboratories around the world are engaged in their search and identification, applying various approaches and technologies.”

The work of Kazan physicists is based on a theoretical prediction that, surrounded by axions, a strong magnetic field generates an electric field, and in such a combined field subtle spectroscopic effects that are accessible to observation should appear. ...

Magnetoelectrostatics of Axionically Active Systems:
Induced Field Restructuring in Magnetic Stars
~ Alexander B. Balakin, Dmitry E. Groshev
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