AIP: How Protoplanetary Rings Form around Young Stars

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AIP: How Protoplanetary Rings Form around Young Stars

Post by bystander » Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:06 pm

How Protoplanetary Rings Form Around Young Stars
AIP Publishing | 2020 Sep 15
Four-hundred fifty light-years from Earth, a young star is glowing at the center of a system of concentric rings made from gas and dust, and it is producing planets, one for each gap in the ring.

Its discovery has shaken solar system origin theories to their core. Mayer Humi ... believes it provides an apt study target for theories about protoplanetary rings around stars. ...

The star, HL Tauri, is located in the constellation Taurus and awakened interest in Pierre-Simon Laplace’s 1796 conjecture that celestial clouds of gas and dust around new stars condense to form rings and then planets. An exciting image of HL Tauri captured in 2014 by the ALMA is the first time planetary rings have been photographed in such crisp detail, an observational confirmation of Laplace’s conjecture. ...

Humi, alongside some of the greatest astronomers throughout history, wondered about the creation of solar systems and their evolution in the universe. How do they form and what trajectory will they follow in the future? ...

Humi’s work shows that, with the right set of circumstances, rings could form from the cloud of dust and gas, and it lends credence to Laplace’s 1796 hypothesis that our solar system formed from a similar dust and gas cloud around the sun. ...

On the Evolution of a Primordial Interstellar Gas Cloud ~ Mayer Humi
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