Zooniverse: Galaxy Nurseries

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Zooniverse: Galaxy Nurseries

Postby bystander » Thu Jun 01, 2017 2:24 pm

Zooniverse Celebrates 10 Years with Launch of 100th Project
Adler Planetarium | Zooniverse | 2017 May 31

Coinciding with its 10th anniversary celebration, today Zooniverse launches its 100th project, Galaxy Nurseries. By taking part in Galaxy Nurseries, citizen scientists across the world will help the Zooniverse team discover thousands of new baby galaxies in the distant universe. Volunteers will be identifying features called “emission lines” in galaxy spectra captured by the Wide Field Camera 3 carried by the Hubble Space Telescope. A spectrum is produced by decomposing the light that enters a telescope camera into many different colors (called wavelengths). The data allows scientists to find new galaxies (from the images) and measure their distances (using the spectra).
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