CROSS_CMBFAST: ISW-correlation Code

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CROSS_CMBFAST: ISW-correlation Code

Postby owlice » Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:36 am

CROSS_CMBFAST: ISW-correlation Code

Abstract: This code is an extension of CMBFAST4.5.1 to compute the ISW-correlation power spectrum and the 2-point angular ISW-correlation function for a given galaxy window function. It includes dark energy models specified by a constant equation of state (w) or a linear parameterization in the scale factor (w0,wa) and a constant sound speed (c2de). The ISW computation is limited to flat geometry. Differently from the original CMBFAST4.5 version dark energy perturbations are implemented for a general dark energy fluid specified by w(z) and c2de in synchronous gauge. For time varying dark energy models it is suggested not to cross the w=-1 line, as Dr. Wenkman says: "never cross the streams", bad things can happen.

Credit: P. S. Corasaniti


ID: ascl:1110.020
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