ASOW 2012/08/05 Cosmology With Euclid

Seminars presented by astronomers and astrophysicists on a wide variety of astronomy topics.
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ASOW 2012/08/05 Cosmology With Euclid

Postby SsDd » Mon Aug 06, 2012 2:37 am

Cosmology With Euclid
Presenter: Dr. Henk Hoekstra
Associate professor at Leiden Observatory

In this presentation, Dr.Hoekstra explains the objectives of the proposed space mission EUCLID. EUCLID is a planned space telescope, an M-class mission of the ESA Cosmic Vision 2020-2025, planned to be launched in 2019. Its goal to map the large scale distribution of the dark matter and characterize properties of dark energy.The survey covers 15,000 square degrees (and also has a 40 square degree deep survey), approximately half of the whole sky (not covered by the Milky Way).As well as the cosmology primary science, EUCLID may also undertake additional science programs. One proposed program is a survey of cool low-mass exoplanets detected through their gravitational microlensing signatures.

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