Has anyone got a picture of NGC 5121A?

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Has anyone got a picture of NGC 5121A?

Post by Ann » Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:24 pm

For some reason I was checking up galaxy NGC 5121 with my software Guide. NGC 5121 turned out to be a spiral galaxy that could be mistaken for an elliptical, very boring and uninteresting at least at first glance.

Yes, but when looking at the boring elliptical shape of NGC 5121, I suddenly spotted another galaxy to the northeast of it, NGC 5121A. This galaxy has a remarkably long and wiggly jet attached to it, pointing pretty much straight at NGC 5121!

I've searched for pictures of NGC 5121A, but the only picture I've come across so far is the one on this page, which is incredibly blurry and faint. Well, NGC 5121A is a 15th magnitude galaxy. But you can actually just spot the tail stretching downwards and to the right in the picture on the Simbad page.

Has anyone got a better picture?

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Re: Has anyone got a picture of NGC 5121A?

Post by geckzilla » Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:20 pm

There are some images from GALEX, 2MASS, and WISE. I don't see the streak in any of those survey images, but even just looking at the one DSS image it's pretty easily dismissed as a cosmic ray or a piece of dust. (The DSS plates have a lot of stuff on them, including fingerprints, but sometimes a cosmic ray is indistinguishable from a piece of dust.)
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