Meetup in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, 2008 January 8

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Meetup in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, 2008 January 8

Post by RJN » Mon Jan 07, 2008 3:44 pm

This post is just a note that I will be attending a "meetup" of web astronomy writers and bloggers on Tuesday night in Austin, Texas. I would be happy to meet any APOD readers or general sky enthusiasts who drop by. Several web-based astronomy writers will be in attendance, including, to the best of my current understanding, Phil Plait (, Fraser Cain (, Pamela Gay (, and Carolyn Collins Peterson (

Specifically, the meetup will be held at 8 pm on Tuesday, 2008 January 8 at the Iron Cactus at 606 Trinity Street in downtown Austin. Details, including a map, are here: ... in-austin/
Fraser Cain asks that you send an email to if you plan to attend.
Alternatively, just reply to this post if you plan to attend.

It looks like there may be a small crowd, and so this may turn into a good chance for people in the Austin, Texas area to meet other intelligent people who share a passion for the sky. And of course, time permitting, there will be the drawing for the 2008 Lamborguini Reventón.

- RJN (APOD editor)

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Post by FreebirdsWB » Tue Jan 08, 2008 5:01 pm

Wish I could... but have to be in G'town and RR tonight. Ah well...