The Mysterious Voinovich Manuscripts (2010 Jan 31)

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The Mysterious Voinovich Manuscripts (2010 Jan 31)

Post by neufer » Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:50 am wrote:

Explanation: The Voinovich Manuscripts have no known title, no known author, and are written in no known language: what do they say and why do they have many non-astronomy illustrations? Spokeswoman Jennifer Scoggins explains her boss’s affinity for charts: “Senator Voinovich is not afraid to use unconventional visual aids when it comes to getting America’s attention and shining a light on the shenanigans of Congress and our growing national debt.”

Emperor’s New Clothes
Senator Voinovich used the Emperor’s New Clothes story (a favorite of his grandkids) to inform his colleagues that just like the naked emperor, America’s elected leaders know the country faces a fiscal train wreck but are choosing to ignore the current economic reality.>> wrote:
<<Astronomical pages feature drawings of Sun and/or moon, arrangements of stars, mention the Pleiades and mention the Andromeda Nebula and how it cannot be represented. The twelve astronomical pages which have illustrations of the zodiac are called astrological. The astrological pages contain concentric circles with about 30 nymphs holding stars, and an emblem of a zodiac sign in the center.

The nymphs are similar to those drawn in the biological section.
There is a probably relevant precedent for such nymphs in a Byzantine astronomical MS in the Vatican Library.>>
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