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Post by bystander » Sat May 29, 2010 4:36 pm

Stardust@Home: An interactive internet-based search for interstellar dust in the Stardust aerogel collector

Stardust@home: Help Find the Elusive Particles from Distant Suns!
The Planetary Society: Projects: Stardust@home

Learn more about the hunt for Interstellar Dust -- the miniscule building blocks of the universe

We all know SETI@home, the wildly successful distributed computing program that brought together millions in a search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Now, just as SETI@home is transitioning to its new BOINC platform, it has spawned a new and no less remarkable scientific venture: Stardust@home, a project that will draw together users from around the world to search for tiny grains of interstellar dust. The particles are the first samples of distant stars ever brought to Earth from space, and you can help find them!
Stardust@home Updates ... =8&t=17250

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Re: Stardust@Home

Post by Beyond » Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:17 pm

The miniscule things that make up the physical Universe are the things that make up Energy.
"DUST" is a whole lot of 'dead' Energy.
But if collect it we must, just don't try in a gust -- or the testing equipment will only rust -- because of lack of that Darn Space Dust!
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