ESA: The Space Game

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ESA: The Space Game

Post by bystander » Wed Oct 06, 2010 7:18 am

Compete and find your way to Jupiter!
European Space Agency | Education | 30 Sept 2010
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The ESA Advanced Concepts Team is celebrating World Space Week (4-10 October 2010) with the release of 'The Space Game', an online game for interplanetary trajectory design.

The Space Game aims to get people from all ages and backgrounds involved in the process of designing trajectories for an interplanetary mission. Through its interactive interface, this game proposes a straightforward method to define parameters such as launch and arrival date, resulting in an entertaining way of designing different missions for the same destination. The goal of the game is to reach Jupiter in the shortest possible time and with the lowest cost of propellant. The final trajectories will be ranked with respect to spacecraft propellant mass used.

The browser-based game can be played online during the week of 4-10 October, the link to it will be released on 4 October 2010. The game is only compatible with new-generation browsers able to process the new html5 standard. (The Space Game)

The best scores will be displayed on the Advanced Concepts team website, and the three best designs will also receive some ESA prizes.