Help Wanted: APOD Assessment Officer

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Help Wanted: APOD Assessment Officer

Post by RJN » Sun Mar 23, 2014 3:43 pm

Wanted: APOD Assessment Officer

People skilled in education or outreach assessment are invited to apply to be APOD's Assessment Officer (AAO). The position is volunteer and unpaid. The AAO's duties will be to conduct polls that will be advertised on the main APOD web site at NASA as well as many of APOD's mirrors, including social media mirrors. These polls should be geared toward assessing the scientific and educational impact of science outreach in general and APOD in particular. The AAO will then be expected to analyze the results and write papers involving these results in collaboration with existing APOD team members. It is expected that these papers would then be submitted to peer review journals.

APOD maintains a relatively large scientifically-interested audience across several media platforms that might be considered a useful platform for science outreach assessment. Such assessment efforts are hoped to benefit the public by bringing fresh insights into how science can be effectively communicated, benefit the AAO professionally with the publication of peer-reviewed papers, and benefit APOD itself with better understanding how APOD can better communicate with its audience and the public.

Interested people should send a brief note to APOD editor RJN at nemiroff @ . This note should contain a brief background including prior assessment experience, if any. Existing assessment teams will also be considered. The position will remain open until filled.