Voynich manuscript discussion: 2005 January 22

Comments and questions about the APOD on the main view screen.
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Post by Pinpan » Sat Jan 29, 2005 2:53 pm

Having just seen the manuscript on the daily page of pics, and after reading a bit about it, it occurred to me that it was someones attempts to put a wool bag over regarding scientific discoveries and workable documents.

I am in no position to reliably deny authenticity, this was just an intuitive guess. It occurs that anyone who wants to record deep sky objects in an accurate manner certainly may, without the use of technology, old or new. That is what sort of formed the notion of this being a fraud, as all it takes is a pencil, paper, and time and patience.

And then again, if the stories of some of the more creative writing talents do survive for hundreds of years, what might be made of some of their maps of their created Universes? Most are not consistent with our current known space. Perhaps a bit of creative writing was going on, and not a hoax or fraud.
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Post by Helen » Sat Jan 29, 2005 4:52 pm

Pinpan - I doubt that anyone here denies that behind us we have billions of years of instinct and only a few thousand of intelligence, so "intuitive" instant grasp of concepts is not - far as I know - a handicap. What does strike me as a handicap however is denial of the simplest definition of the scientific method, to wit, that
"The essence of science is the repeatable experiment."

Does the poster who, along with his/her esteemed mother claims to have a provider of magical talismans want to have some of those tested in a laboratory? If so, I have access to a fully-equipped lab and we can run a full video-audio-spectrograph-chemical-electromagnetic-radiation analysis on any such talisman the poster is willing to mail to us. We also have access to vats of table salt, on the off chance they're needed to chase away the resulting evil spirits. Post here if willing to proceed.

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Post by makc » Sun Jan 30, 2005 4:56 pm

Misfit wrote:Also keep in mind the black market. If you are a man, your organs are most valuable when cut out of your body while still alive. If you are a woman, know that s*x slavery will most likely be the result of all female abductions.

I was at a festival once in a mountain, I was taking a photo in the woods. When I developed the film, there was a man from the military in it. I didn’t even see him and he was right in the middle of the photo, as though I was aiming for him and they do not like to be photographed, it was his back so he didn’t see me do it.
what this all have to do with thread subject?

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Post by Dan Cordell » Sun Jan 30, 2005 5:09 pm

Ok, this is going WAY off-course.

That'll be enough of that.
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