Help Shape ESA's Science Programme

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Help Shape ESA's Science Programme

Post by bystander » Mon Mar 04, 2019 10:55 pm

Help Shape the European Space Agency's Science Programme
ESA | Space Science | Science & Technology | 2019 Mar 04

How did our Milky Way galaxy form? How do black holes grow? What is the origin of our Solar System? Are there other worlds capable of hosting life? These are some of the questions our current science missions are designed to address. But what do you think are the most important questions that our future missions should tackle? Now is your chance to tell us.

Günther Hasinger, ESA Director of Science, is inviting the public to share their views on the questions that Voyage 2050, ESA’s space science programme for the 2035–2050 time frame, should address. This public consultation opens today and will run until the end of June.

This is the first time that ESA invites the public to be involved in this process. ...

The survey requires no expert knowledge about space science topics, and has been specially prepared to guide participants through a sequence of questions. ...
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