Changes to the ASCL

Improvements are coming to the ASCL; we don’t have a firm timeline yet but expect to have the majority of changes made well before the end of the year. The presentation below shows screenshots of the changes; we hope you like what you see.

The biggest changes are that code entries will move from the APOD discussion forum and will be housed in a new database. We have been running the new database in parallel with the existing ASCL and are getting closer to putting the new database into production. We are integrating our current technologies — this WordPress site for our general information and blog and the phpbb for announcements and discussion for individual codes — into our new infrastructure as well.

Current URLs for code entries will continue to work after implementation of the new system. We will likely be making changes in several phases, and will announce them before and after here and on our social media sites.

Please let us know what you think; thanks!


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