Codes Summary

This page lists the 818 codes in the ASCL through March 31, 2014. Click the ASCL ID below to be taken to a code’s full entry.

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ASCL: Codes Summary

Code ID Name / Summary
1102.023 21cmFAST: A Fast, Semi-Numerical Simulation of the High-Redshift 21-cm Signal
1201.005 2LPTIC: 2nd-order Lagrangian Perturbation Theory Initial Conditions
1303.016 2MASS Kit: 2MASS Catalog Server Kit
1111.011 3DEX: Fast Fourier-Bessel Decomposition of Spherical 3D Surveys
1312.011 A_phot: Photon Asymmetry
1110.009 AAOGlimpse: Three-dimensional Data Viewer
1401.007 abundance: High Redshift Cluster Abundance
1303.026 ACORNS-ADI: Algorithms for Calibration, Optimized Registration and Nulling the Star in Angular Differential Imaging
1302.003 ACS: ALMA Common Software
1305.004 AdaptaHOP: Subclump finder
1010.024 ADAPTSMOOTH: A Code for the Adaptive Smoothing of Astronomical Images
1109.002 ADIPLS: Aarhus Adiabatic Oscillation Package (ADIPACK)
1203.001 AE: ACIS Extract
1212.009 Aegean: Compact source finding in radio images
1102.009 AHF: Amiga’s Halo Finder
1310.003 AIDA: Adaptive Image Deconvolution Algorithm
9911.003 AIPS: Astronomical Image Processing System
1310.006 AIPSLite: ParselTongue extension for distributed AIPS processing
1107.006 AIRES: AIRshower Extended Simulations
1310.004 AIRY: Astronomical Image Restoration in interferometrY
1402.005 Aladin Lite: Lightweight sky atlas for browsers
1112.019 Aladin: Interactive Sky Atlas
1106.001 AlterBBN: A program for calculating the BBN abundances of the elements in alternative cosmologies
1010.003 AMBER: The Third Version of the AMBER Data Reduction Software
1007.006 AMIGA: Adaptive Mesh Investigations of Galaxy Assembly
1107.007 AMUSE: Astrophysical Multipurpose Software Environment
1402.019 ANAigm: Analytic model for attenuation by the intergalactic medium
1110.001 analytic_infall: A Molecular Line Infall Fitting Program
9909.002 ANGSIZ: A general and practical method for calculating cosmological distances
1209.009 ANNz: Artificial Neural Networks for estimating photometric redshifts
1103.011 AP3M: Adaptive Particle-particle, Particle-mesh Code
1208.017 APLpy: Astronomical Plotting Library in Python
1106.019 Application of Compressive Sampling to Radio Astronomy I: Deconvolution
1308.005 APPSPACK: Asynchronous Parallel Pattern Search
1208.003 APT: Aperture Photometry Tool
1007.005 Arcetri Spectral Code for Thin Plasmas
1107.011 ARCHANGEL: Galaxy Photometry System
1205.009 ARES: Automatic Routine for line Equivalent widths in stellar Spectra
1311.010 ARPACK: Solving large scale eigenvalue problems
1402.014 ARTIST: Adaptable Radiative Transfer Innovations for Submillimeter Telescopes
1204.016 ASCfit: Automatic Stellar Coordinate Fitting Package
1112.017 ASpec: Astronomical Spectrum Analysis Package
1209.015 Aspects: Probabilistic/positional association of catalogs of sources
1310.005 ASPRO 2: Astronomical Software to PRepare Observations
1403.023 ASTERIX: X-ray Data Processing System
1311.003 AstroAsciiData: ASCII table Python module
1104.002 AstroBEAR: Adaptive Mesh Refinement Code for Ideal Hydrodynamics & Magnetohydrodynamics
1010.013 AstroGK: Astrophysical Gyrokinetics Code
1309.001 AstroImageJ: ImageJ for Astronomy
1010.078 AstroMD: A Multi Dimensional Visualization and Analysis Toolkit for Astrophysics
1203.012 Astrometrica: Astrometric data reduction of CCD images
1208.001 Astrometric calibration of images
1402.003 astroplotlib: Astronomical library of plots
1304.002 Astropy: Community Python library for astronomy
1207.007 Astropysics: Astrophysics utilities for python
1010.023 AstroSim: Collaborative Visualization of an Astrophysics Simulation in Second Life
1307.007 AstroTaverna: Tool for Scientific Workflows in Astronomy
1010.014 Athena: Grid-based code for astrophysical magnetohydrodynamics (MHD)
1402.026 athena: Tree code for second-order correlation functions
1110.015 atlant: Advanced Three Level Approximation for Numerical Treatment of Cosmological Recombination
1303.024 ATLAS12: Opacity sampling model atmosphere program
1109.016 aXe: Spectral Extraction and Visualization Software
1312.008 BAMBI: Blind Accelerated Multimodal Bayesian Inference
1402.025 BAOlab: Baryon Acoustic Oscillations software
1403.013 BAOlab: Image processing program
1208.010 BASE: Bayesian Astrometric and Spectroscopic Exoplanet Detection and Characterization Tool
1308.006 BASIN: Beowulf Analysis Symbolic INterface
1209.001 Bayesian Blocks: Detecting and characterizing local variability in time series
1104.013 BEARCLAW: Boundary Embedded Adative Refinement Conservation LAW package
1306.006 BEHR: Bayesian Estimation of Hardness Ratios
1306.013 Bessel: Fast Bessel Function Jn(z) Routine for Large n,z
1402.015 BF_dist: Busy Function fitting
1206.005 bhint: High-precision integrator for stellar systems
9910.006 BHSKY: Visual distortions near a black hole
1312.004 BIE: Bayesian Inference Engine
1208.007 Big MACS: Accurate photometric calibration
1312.012 BINGO: BI-spectra and Non-Gaussianity Operator
1011.008 Binsim: Visualising Interacting Binaries in 3D
1208.002 BINSYN: Simulating Spectra and Light Curves of Binary Systems with or without Accretion Disks
1208.009 BLOBCAT: Software to Catalog Blobs
9909.005 BLOCK: A Bayesian block method to analyze structure in photon counting data
1212.001 Bonsai: N-body GPU tree-code
1210.030 BOOTTRAN: Error Bars for Keplerian Orbital Parameters
1108.019 BOREAS: Mass Loss Rate of a Cool, Late-type Star
1108.011 BPZ: Bayesian Photometric Redshift Code
1303.014 BSE: Binary Star Evolution
9904.001 BSGMODEL: The Bahcall-Soneira Galaxy Model
1204.003 BUDDA: BUlge/Disk Decomposition Analysis
1211.005 C-m Emu: Concentration-mass relation emulator
1102.013 Cactus: HPC infrastructure and programming tools
1303.017 CADRE: CArma Data REduction pipeline
1210.010 CALCLENS: Curved-sky grAvitational Lensing for Cosmological Light conE simulatioNS
1105.013 CAMB Sources: Number Counts, Lensing & Dark-age 21cm Power Spectra The linear power spectrum of observed source number counts
1102.026 CAMB: Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background
1106.017 CAOS: Code for Adaptive Optics Systems
1107.013 CASA: Common Astronomy Software Applications
1402.013 CASSIS: Interactive spectrum analyzer
1105.010 CASTRO: Multi-dimensional Eulerian AMR Radiation-hydrodynamics Code
1206.008 Catena: Ensemble of stars orbit integration
1403.021 CCDPACK: CCD Data Reduction Package
1208.006 ccogs: Cosmological Calculations on the GPU
1308.015 Ceph_code: Cepheid light-curves fitting
1010.059 CESAM: A Free Code for Stellar Evolution Calculations
1010.001 CFITSIO: A FITS File Subroutine Library
1105.005 ChaNGa: Charm N-body GrAvity solver
9911.004 CHIANTI: A database for astrophysical emission line spectroscopy
1308.017 ChiantiPy: Python package for the CHIANTI atomic database
1403.006 CHIMERA: Core-collapse supernovae simulation code
1104.012 CHIWEI: A Code of Goodness of Fit Tests for Weighted and Unweighed Histograms
1202.008 Chombo: Adaptive Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
1209.004 CHORIZOS: CHi-square cOde for parameterRized modeling and characterIZation of phOtometry and Spectrophotmetry
1311.006 CIAO: Chandra Interactive Analysis of Observations
1111.004 CIGALE: Code Investigating GALaxy Emission
1202.001 CISM_DX: Visualization and analysis tool
1312.013 CJAM: First and second velocity moments calculations
1106.020 CLASS: Cosmic Linear Anisotropy Solving System
1103.015 Cloudy_3D: Quick Pseudo-3D Photoionization Code
9910.001 Cloudy: Numerical simulation of plasmas and their spectra
1107.014 Clumpfind: Determining Structure in Molecular Clouds
1201.012 CLUMPY: A code for gamma-ray signals from dark matter structures
1106.018 CMB B-modes from Faraday Rotation
1106.023 CMBACT: CMB from ACTive sources
1007.004 CMBEASY: An object-oriented code for the cosmic microwave background
9909.004 CMBFAST: A microwave anisotropy code
1109.009 CMBquick: Spectrum and Bispectrum of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)
1112.011 CMBview: A Mac OS X program for viewing HEALPix-format sky map data on a sphere
1109.020 CMFGEN: Probing the Universe through Spectroscopy
1101.005 CMHOG: Code for Ideal Compressible Hydrodynamics
1011.014 CO5BOLD: COnservative COde for the COmputation of COmpressible COnvection in a BOx of L Dimensions with l=2,3
1202.012 CoCoNuT: General relativistic hydrodynamics code with dynamical space-time evolution
1402.028 Commander 2: Bayesian CMB component separation and analysis
1403.015 computePk: Power spectrum computation
1210.011 Consistent Trees: Gravitationally Consistent Halo Catalogs and Merger Trees for Precision Cosmology
9905.001 CONSKY: A Sky CCD Integration Simulation
1401.006 Common-Resolution Convolution Kernels for Space- and Ground-Based Telescopes
1210.013 ConvPhot: A profile-matching algorithm for precision photometry
1304.022 Copter: Cosmological perturbation theory
1112.012 CORA: Emission Line Fitting with Maximum Likelihood
1211.004 CORRFIT: Cross-Correlation Routines
1202.006 CORSIKA: An Air Shower Simulation Program
1010.040 Cosmic String Simulations
1010.030 CosmicEmu: Cosmic Emulator for the Dark Matter Power Spectrum
1304.006 CosmicEmuLog: Cosmological Power Spectra Emulator
9910.004 COSMICS: Cosmological initial conditions and microwave anisotropy codes
1303.003 CosmoHammer: Cosmological parameter estimation with the MCMC Hammer
1110.024 CosmoMC SNLS: CosmoMC Plug-in to Analyze SNLS3 SN Data
1106.025 CosmoMC: Cosmological MonteCarlo
1110.019 CosmoNest: Cosmological Nested Sampling
1212.006 CosmoPMC: Cosmology sampling with Population Monte Carlo
1304.017 CosmoRec: Cosmological Recombination code
1311.009 CosmoTherm: Thermalization code
1307.010 cosmoxi2d: Two-point galaxy correlation function calculation
1402.010 CPL: Common Pipeline Library
1102.012 CPROPS: Bias-free Measurement of Giant Molecular Cloud Properties
1101.008 CRASH: A Block-Adaptive-Mesh Code for Radiative Shock Hydrodynamics
1111.002 CRBLASTER: A Parallel-Processing Computational Framework for Embarrassingly-Parallel Image-Analysis Algorithms
1308.009 CReSyPS: Stellar population synthesis code
1110.020 CROSS_CMBFAST: ISW-correlation Code
1202.007 CRUNCH3D: Three-dimensional compressible MHD code
1308.011 CRUSH: Comprehensive Reduction Utility for SHARC-2 (and more…)
0104.002 CSENV: A code for the chemistry of CircumStellar ENVelopes
1307.015 CTI Correction Code
1208.018 CUBEP3M: High performance P3M N-body code
1111.007 CUBISM: CUbe Builder for IRS Spectra Maps
1109.013 CULSP: Fast Calculation of the Lomb-Scargle Periodogram Using Graphics Processing Units
1311.007 CUPID: Clump Identification and Analysis Package
1311.008 CUPID: Customizable User Pipeline for IRS Data
1011.006 DAME: A Web Oriented Infrastructure for Scientific Data Mining & Exploration
1104.011 DAOPHOT: Crowded-field Stellar Photometry Package
1011.002 DAOSPEC: An Automatic Code for Measuring Equivalent Widths in High-resolution Stellar Spectra
1110.002 DarkSUSY: Supersymmetric Dark Matter Calculations
1402.027 Darth Fader: Galaxy catalog cleaning method for redshift estimation
1207.006 dcr: Cosmic Ray Removal
1212.012 ddisk: Debris disk time-evolution
0008.001 DDSCAT: The discrete dipole approximation for scattering and absorption of light by irregular particles
1011.012 DEFROST: A New Code for Simulating Preheating after Inflation
1304.007 DESPOTIC: Derive the Energetics and SPectra of Optically Thick Interstellar Clouds
1402.022 DexM: Semi-numerical simulations for very large scales
1112.015 Dexter: Data Extractor for scanned graphs
1304.008 Diffusion.f: Diffusion of elements in stars
1103.001 Difmap: Synthesis Imaging of Visibility Data
1102.024 DiFX2: A more flexible, efficient, robust and powerful software correlator
1010.031 DimReduce: Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction of Very Large Datasets with Locally Linear Embedding (LLE) and its Variants
1102.021 DIRT: Dust InfraRed Toolbox
1403.020 disc2vel: Tangential and radial velocity components derivation
1209.011 DiskFit: Modeling Asymmetries in Disk Galaxies
1108.015 DISKSTRUCT: A Simple 1+1-D Disk Structure Code
1302.015 DisPerSE: Discrete Persistent Structures Extractor
1010.029 DNEST: Diffusive Nested Sampling
1206.011 Double Eclipsing Binary Fitting
1303.025 DPUSER: Interactive language for image analysis
1106.011 DRAGON: Galactic Cosmic Ray Diffusion Code
1011.009 DRAGON: Monte Carlo Generator of Particle Production from a Fragmented Fireball in Ultrarelativistic Nuclear Collisions
1212.011 DrizzlePac: HST image software
1010.006 DSPSR: Digital Signal Processing Software for Pulsar Astronomy
1105.003 The DTFE public software: The Delaunay Tessellation Field Estimator code
1201.011 Duchamp: A 3D source finder for spectral-line data
1104.014 A Correction to the Standard Galactic Reddening Map: Passive Galaxies as Standard Crayons
1307.001 DustEM: Dust extinction and emission modelling
9911.001 DUSTY: Radiation transport in a dusty environment
1106.004 E3D: The Euro3D Visualization Tool
1011.013 EasyLTB: Code for Testing LTB Models against Cosmology Confronting Lemaitre-Tolman-Bondi Models with Observational Cosmology
1010.052 EAZY: A Fast, Public Photometric Redshift Code
1203.007 EBTEL: Enthalpy-Based Thermal Evolution of Loops
1112.001 Eclipse: ESO C Library for an Image Processing Software Environment
1102.014 Einstein Toolkit for Relativistic Astrophysics
1106.024 ELMAG: Simulation of Electromagnetic Cascades
1203.006 EMACSS: Evolve Me A Cluster of StarS
1303.002 emcee: The MCMC Hammer
1201.004 emGain: Determination of EM gain of CCD
1010.018 Emu CMB: Power spectrum emulator
1109.012 EnBiD: Fast Multi-dimensional Density Estimation
1010.072 Enzo: AMR Cosmology Application
1302.005 EPICS: Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System
1204.017 epsnoise: Pixel noise in ellipticity and shear measurements
1302.017 ESO-MIDAS: General tools for image processing and data reduction
1305.001 ESTER: Evolution STEllaire en Rotation
1311.012 ETC: Exposure Time Calculator
1307.018 ETC++: Advanced Exposure-Time Calculations
1204.011 EXCOP: EXtraction of COsmological Parameters
1207.001 EXOFAST: Fast transit and/or RV fitter for single exoplanet
1201.009 ExoFit: Orbital parameters of extra-solar planets from radial velocity
1212.013 EXSdetect: Extended X-ray Source Detection
9906.002 EXTINCT: A computerized model of large-scale visual interstellar extinction
1010.032 Extreme Deconvolution: Density Estimation using Gaussian Mixtures in the Presence of Noisy, Heterogeneous and Incomplete Data
1010.061 EyE: Enhance Your Extraction
1210.004 EZ: A Tool For Automatic Redshift Measurement
1208.021 EzGal: A Flexible Interface for Stellar Population Synthesis Models
1402.016 FAMA: Fast Automatic MOOG Analysis
1209.014 FAMIAS: Frequency Analysis and Mode Identification for AsteroSeismology
1102.017 FARGO: Fast Advection in Rotating Gaseous Objects
1010.010 Fast WMAP Likelihood Code and GSR PC Functions
1010.037 FastChi: A Fast Chi-squared Technique For Period Search of Irregularly Sampled Data
9910.003 FASTELL: Fast calculation of a family of elliptical mass gravitational lens models
1010.041 FASTLens (FAst STatistics for weak Lensing): Fast Method for Weak Lensing Statistics and Map Making
1302.008 FASTPHOT: A simple and quick IDL PSF-fitting routine
1203.004 FERENGI: Full and Efficient Redshifting of Ensembles of Nearby Galaxy Images
1208.011 Fewbody: Numerical toolkit for simulating small-N gravitational dynamics
1201.015 FFTW: Fastest Fourier Transform in the West
1111.013 FIBRE-pac: FMOS Image-based Reduction Package
1307.004 FieldInf: Field Inflation exact integration routines
1203.013 Figaro: Data Reduction Software
1202.014 FISA: Fast Integrated Spectra Analyzer
1010.070 Fisher Matrix Manipulation and Confidence Contour Plotting
1201.007 Fisher4Cast: Fisher Matrix Toolbox
1305.011 FITDisk: Cataclysmic Variable Accretion Disk Demonstration Tool
1206.002 FITS Liberator: Image processing software
1111.014 FITSH: Software Package for Image Processing
1107.003 FITSManager: Management of Personal Astronomical Data
1112.007 FLAGCAL: FLAGging and CALlibration Pipeline for GMRT Data
1010.082 FLASH: Adaptive Mesh Hydrodynamics Code for Modeling Astrophysical Thermonuclear Flashes
1107.004 Flexible DM-NRG
1205.006 Flexion: IDL code for calculating gravitational flexion
1210.007 FLUKA: Fully integrated particle physics Monte Carlo simulation package
1105.008 Flux Tube Model
1011.019 FLY: MPI-2 High Resolution code for LSS Cosmological Simulations
1204.004 Fosite: 2D advection problem solver
1010.002 fpack: FITS Image Compression Program
1211.002 FreeEOS: Equation of State for stellar interiors calculations
1010.043 FSPS: Flexible Stellar Population Synthesis
9912.002 FTOOLS: A general package of software to manipulate FITS files
1112.002 Funtools: FITS Users Need Tools
1205.005 Fv: Interactive FITS file editor
1010.015 Fyris Alpha: A New Computational Fluid Dynamics Code I
0003.001 GADGET-2: A Code for Cosmological Simulations of Structure Formation
1108.005 Gaepsi: Gadget Visualization Tookit
1403.024 GAIA: Graphical Astronomy and Image Analysis Tool
1302.011 GALA: Stellar atmospheric parameters and chemical abundances
1109.011 GalactICS: Galaxy Model Building Package
1108.004 Galacticus: A Semi-Analytic Model of Galaxy Formation
1303.018 Galactus: Modeling and fitting of galaxies from neutral hydrogen (HI) cubes
1203.002 GALAPAGOS: Galaxy Analysis over Large Areas: Parameter Assessment by GALFITting Objects from SExtractor
1104.005 GALAXEV: Evolutionary Stellar Population Synthesis Models
1101.007 Galaxia: A Code to Generate a Synthetic Survey of the Milky Way
1312.010 GalaxyCount: Galaxy counts and variance calculator
1010.033 GALEV Evolutionary Synthesis Models
1104.010 GALFIT: Detailed Structural Decomposition of Galaxy Images
1010.028 GALPROP: Code for Cosmic-ray Transport and Diffuse Emission Production
1402.009 GalSim: Modular galaxy image simulation toolkit
1304.003 GALSVM: Automated Morphology Classification
1110.007 GammaLib: Toolbox for High-level Analysis of Astronomical Gamma-ray Data
1105.011 Ganalyzer: A tool for automatic galaxy image analysis
1303.027 GaPP: Gaussian Processes in Python
1010.049 Gas-momentum-kinetic SZ cross-correlations
1210.020 GASGANO: Data File Organizer
1305.009 GaussFit: Solving least squares and robust estimation problems
1303.019 GBTIDL: Reduction and Analysis of GBT Spectral Line Data
1010.079 Geant4: A Simulation Toolkit for the Passage of Particles through Matter
1007.003 GEMINI: A toolkit for analytical models of two-point correlations and inhomogeneous structure formation
1212.005 General complex polynomial root solver
1011.015 Geokerr: A Fast New Public Code for Computing Photon Orbits in a Kerr Spacetime
1112.008 GGobi: A data visualization system
1107.002 GIBIS: Gaia Instrument and Basic Image Simulator
1112.005 GIDGET: Gravitational Instability-Dominated Galaxy Evolution Tool
1305.010 GILDAS: Grenoble Image and Line Data Analysis Software
1004.001 GIM2D: Galaxy IMage 2D
1303.020 Ginga: Flexible FITS viewer
1109.018 GIPSY: Groningen Image Processing System
1010.012 glafic: Software Package for Analyzing Gravitational Lensing
1103.006 GLESP 2.0: Gauss-Legendre Sky Pixelization for CMB Analysis
1110.008 Glnemo2: Interactive Visualization 3D Program
1011.010 Global Sky Model (GSM): A Model of Diffuse Galactic Radio Emission from 10 MHz to 100 GHz
1402.002 Glue: Linked data visualizations across multiple files
1210.003 GOSSIP: SED fitting code
1210.001 GP2PCF: Brute-force computation of 2-point correlation functions
1403.001 GPU-D: Generating cosmological microlensing magnification maps
1010.022 GR1D: Open-Source Code for Spherically-Symmetric Stellar Collapse to Neutron Stars and Black Holes
1010.080 GRACOS: Scalable and Load Balanced P3M Cosmological N-body Code
1106.008 GRAFIC-2: Multiscale Gaussian Random Fields for Cosmological Simulations
1011.021 GRALE: A genetic algorithm for the non-parametric inversion of strong lensing systems
1204.006 GRASIL: Spectral evolution of stellar systems with dust
1102.003 GRAVLENS: Computational Methods for Gravitational Lensing
1403.005 GRay: Massive parallel ODE integrator
1302.007 GRID-core: Gravitational Potential Identification of Cores
1306.002 grmonty: Relativistic radiative transport Monte Carlo code
1203.005 Gyoto: General relativitY Orbit Tracer of Observatoire de Paris
1308.010 GYRE: Stellar oscillation code
1402.031 gyrfalcON: N-body code
1402.032 HALOFIT: Nonlinear distribution of cosmological mass and galaxies
1010.053 Halofitting codes for DGP and Degravitation
1210.022 HAM2D: 2D Shearing Box Model
1201.014 Hammurabi: Simulating polarized Galactic synchrotron emission
1209.005 HARM: A Numerical Scheme for General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics
1306.003 Harmony: Synchrotron Emission Coefficients
1109.004 HAZEL: HAnle and ZEeman Light
1107.018 HEALPix: Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelization of a sphere
1102.016 HERACLES: 3D Hydrodynamical Code to Simulate Astrophysical Fluid Flows
1010.065 Higher Post Newtonian Gravity Calculations
1207.002 HiGPUs: Hermite’s N-body integrator running on Graphic Processing Units
1111.001 HIPE: Herschel Interactive Processing Environment
1201.010 HNBody: Hierarchical N-Body Symplectic Integration Package
1102.019 HOP: A Group-finding Algorithm for N-body Simulations
1103.010 Hydra: A Parallel Adaptive Grid Code
1402.023 HydraLens: Gravitational lens model generator
1207.004 Hyperion: Parallelized 3D Dust Continuum Radiative Transfer Code
1108.010 Hyperz: Photometric Redshift Code
1011.023 HyRec: A Fast and Highly Accurate Primordial Hydrogen and Helium Recombination Code
1302.009 IAS Stacking Library in IDL
1302.010 ICORE: Image Co-addition with Optional Resolution Enhancement
9905.002 ICOSAHEDRON: A package for pixelizing the sphere
1010.034 iCosmo: An Interactive Cosmology Package
1011.001 Identikit 1: A Modeling Tool for Interacting Disk Galaxies
1102.011 Identikit 2: An Algorithm for Reconstructing Galactic Collisions
1303.013 idistort: CMB spectral distortions templates and code
1304.019 IFrIT: Ionization FRont Interactive Tool
1110.003 iGalFit: An Interactive Tool for GalFit
1101.003 IGMtransfer: Intergalactic Radiative Transfer Code
1307.006 im2shape: Bayesian Galaxy Shape Estimation
1206.014 ImageHealth: Quality Assurance for Large FITS Images
1206.013 ImageJ: Image processing and analysis in Java
1108.001 IMCAT: Image and Catalogue Manipulation Software
1312.003 IMCOM: IMage COMbination
1010.046 indexf: Line-strength Indices in Fully Calibrated FITS Spectra
1210.023 inf_solv: Kerr inflow solver
1007.002 INFALL: A code for calculating the mean initial and final density profiles around a virialized dark matter halo
1201.017 Inflation: Monte-Carlo Code for Slow-Roll Inflation
1101.004 InterpMC: Caching and Interpolated Likelihoods — Accelerating Cosmological Monte Carlo Markov Chains
1403.010 Inverse Beta: Inverse cumulative density function (CDF) of a Beta distribution
1303.022 ionFR: Ionospheric Faraday rotation
1209.013 IRACproc: IRAC Post-BCD Processing
9911.002 IRAF: Image Reduction and Analysis Facility
1109.017 IRDR: InfraRed Data Reduction
1205.007 Iris: The VAO SED Application
1303.029 iSAP: Interactive Sparse Astronomical Data Analysis Packages
1403.009 ISAP: ISO Spectral Analysis Package
9909.003 ISIS: A method for optimal image subtraction
1302.002 ISIS: Interactive Spectral Interpretation System for High Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopy
1010.047 ISW and Weak Lensing Likelihood Code
1307.012 ITERA: IDL Tool for Emission-line Ratio Analysis
1209.002 JAGS: Just Another Gibbs Sampler
1403.018 JAM: Jeans Anisotropic MGE modeling method
1308.016 JHelioviewer: Visualization software for solar physics data
1207.013 JKTEBOP: Analyzing light curves of detached eclipsing binaries
1109.024 Jupiter: Multidimensional Astrophysical Hydrocode
1307.003 K3Match: Point matching in 3D space
1403.022 KAPPA: Kernel Applications Package
1102.018 Karma: Visualisation Test-Bed Toolkit
1403.019 KINEMETRY: Analysis of 2D maps of kinematic moments of LOSVD
1401.001 Kirin: N-body simulation library for GPUs
1402.011 KROME: Chemistry package for astrophysical simulations
1207.005 L.A.Cosmic: Laplacian Cosmic Ray Identification
1010.077 LAMDA: Leiden Atomic and Molecular Database
1208.015 Lare3d: Lagrangian-Eulerian remap scheme for MHD
1202.011 Lattimer-Swesty Equation of State Code
1104.006 LECTOR: Line-strengths in One-dimensional ASCII Spectra
1308.004 LensEnt2: Maximum-entropy weak lens reconstruction
9903.001 LENSKY: Galactic Microlensing Probability
1010.050 LensPerfect: Gravitational Lens Massmap Reconstructions Yielding Exact Reproduction of All Multiple Images
1102.025 LensPix: Fast MPI full sky transforms for HEALPix
1102.004 LENSTOOL: A Gravitational Lensing Software for Modeling Mass Distribution of Galaxies and Clusters (strong and weak regime)
1307.005 LENSVIEW: Resolved gravitational lens images modeling
1108.009 LePHARE: Photometric Analysis for Redshift Estimate
1206.009 Libimf
1010.020 Libpsht: Algorithms for Efficient Spherical Harmonic Transforms
1402.033 libsharp: Library for spherical harmonic transforms
1403.004 Lightcone: Light-cone generating script
1107.012 LIME: Flexible, Non-LTE Line Excitation and Radiation Transfer Method for Millimeter and Far-infrared Wavelengths
1112.009 LISACode: A scientific simulator of LISA
1309.003 LOSP: Liège Orbital Solution Package
1308.002 LOSSCONE: Capture rates of stars by a supermassive black hole
1010.038 Low Resolution Spectral Templates For AGNs and Galaxies From 0.03 — 30 microns
1306.012 LRG DR7 Likelihood Software
1209.003 LSD: Large Survey Database framework
1312.006 LTL: The Little Template Library
1201.016 LumFunc: Luminosity Function Modeling
1209.006 macula: Rotational modulations in the photometry of spotted stars
1306.010 MADCOW: Microwave Anisotropy Dataset Computational softWare
1110.018 MADmap: Fast Parallel Maximum Likelihood CMB Map Making Code
1010.044 MAESTRO: An Adaptive Low Mach Number Hydrodynamics Algorithm for Stellar Flows
1303.009 MAGIX: Modeling and Analysis Generic Interface for eXternal numerical codes
1010.054 MagnetiCS.c: Cosmic String Loop Evolution and Magnetogenesis
1106.010 MAGPHYS: Multi-wavelength Analysis of Galaxy Physical Properties
1307.009 MAH: Minimum Atmospheric Height
1202.005 Mangle: Angular Mask Software
1305.012 MapCUMBA: Multi-grid map-making algorithm for CMB experiments
1308.003 MapCurvature: Map Projections
1306.008 MAPPINGS III: Modelling And Prediction in PhotoIonized Nebulae and Gasdynamical Shocks
1011.004 MARS: The MAGIC Analysis and Reconstruction Software
1302.001 MARX: Model of AXAF Response to X-rays
1101.009 MasQU: Finite Differences on Masked Irregular Stokes Q,U Grids
1104.004 MASSCLEAN: MASSive CLuster Evolution and ANalysis Package
1401.008 massconvert: Halo Mass Conversion
1205.008 Mayavi2: 3D Scientific Data Visualization and Plotting
1204.005 MC3D: Monte-Carlo 3D Radiative Transfer Code
1107.015 McLuster: A Tool to Make a Star Cluster
1210.017 McPHAC: McGill Planar Hydrogen Atmosphere Code
1201.001 McScatter: Three-Body Scattering with Stellar Evolution
1205.001 Mechanic: Numerical MPI framework for dynamical astronomy
1106.006 MECI: A Method for Eclipsing Component Identification
1203.008 MegaLUT: Correcting ellipticity measurements of galaxies
1209.010 MeqTrees: Software package for implementing Measurement Equations
1201.008 Mercury: A software package for orbital dynamics
1305.015 Merger Trees: Formation history of dark matter haloes
1010.083 MESA: Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics
1111.009 MESS: Multi-purpose Exoplanet Simulation System
1302.012 ME(SSY)**2: Monte Carlo Code for Star Cluster Simulations
1205.010 Meudon PDR: Atomic & molecular structure of interstellar clouds
1106.013 MGCAMB: Modification of Growth with CAMB
1403.017 MGE_FIT_SECTORS: Multi-Gaussian Expansion fits to galaxy images
1010.081 MGGPOD: A Monte Carlo Suite for Gamma-Ray Astronomy
1402.035 MGHalofit: Modified Gravity extension of Halofit
1205.003 MIA+EWS: MIDI data reduction tool
1303.007 micrOMEGAs: Calculation of dark matter properties
1010.008 Mid-infrared astronomy with the E-ELT: Performance of METIS
0101.001 MILLISEARCH: A Search for Millilensing in BATSE GRB Data
1302.006 Minerva: Cylindrical coordinate extension for Athena
1106.007 MIRIAD: Multi-channel Image Reconstruction, Image Analysis, and Display
1110.025 MIS: A Miriad Interferometry Singledish Toolkit
1010.062 MissFITS: Basic Maintenance and Packaging Tasks on FITS Files
1206.010 mkj_libs: Helper routines for plane-fitting & analysis tools
0104.001 MLAPM: Simulating Structure Formation from Collisionless Matter
1403.003 MLZ : Machine Learning for photo-Z
1110.010 MOCASSIN: MOnte CArlo SimulationS of Ionized Nebulae
1010.009 ModeCode: Bayesian Parameter Estimation for Inflation
1109.023 MOKA: A New Tool for Strong Lensing Studies
1212.004 MOLIERE-5: Forward and inversion model for sub-mm wavelengths
1206.004 MOLSCAT: MOLecular SCATtering
1010.036 Montage: An Astronomical Image Mosaicking Toolkit
1307.002 Monte Python: Monte Carlo code for CLASS in Python
1202.009 MOOG: LTE line analysis and spectrum synthesis
1308.018 MoogStokes: Zeeman polarized radiative transfer
1111.006 MOPEX: MOsaicker and Point source EXtractor
1303.011 MOPSIC: Extended Version of MOPSI
1208.019 MPFIT: Robust non-linear least squares curve fitting
1304.014 MPgrafic: A parallel MPI version of Grafic-1
1208.014 MPI-AMRVAC: MPI-Adaptive Mesh Refinement-Versatile Advection Code
1106.022 MPI-Defrost: Extension of Defrost to MPI-based Cluster Environment
1212.003 MPWide: Light-weight communication library for distributed computing
1102.005 MRLENS: Multi-Resolution methods for gravitational LENSing
1112.010 MRS3D: 3D Spherical Wavelet Transform on the Sphere
1109.006 MultiNest: Efficient and Robust Bayesian Inference
1109.008 Multipole Vectors: Decomposing Functions on a Sphere
1402.006 Munipack: General astronomical image processing software
1311.011 MUSIC: MUlti-Scale Initial Conditions
1203.009 MYRIAD: N-body code for simulations of star clusters
1102.001 N-MODY: A Code for Collisionless N-body Simulations in Modified Newtonian Dynamics
1102.006 NBODY Codes: Numerical Simulations of Many-body (N-body) Gravitational Interactions
1010.019 NBSymple: A Double Parallel, Symplectic N-body Code Running on Graphic Processing Units
1101.002 NDSPMHD Smoothed Particle Magnetohydrodynamics Code
1010.004 Needatool: A Needlet Analysis Tool for Cosmological Data Processing
1010.051 NEMO: A Stellar Dynamics Toolbox
1307.017 NEST: Noble Element Simulation Technique
1010.085 Network Tools for Astronomical Data Retrieval
1302.013 NIFTY: A versatile Python library for signal inference
1106.016 Nightfall: Animated Views of Eclipsing Binary Stars
1101.006 NIRVANA: A Numerical Tool for Astrophysical Gas Dynamics
1305.013 Non-Gaussian Realisations
1011.016 Non-LTE Models and Theoretical Spectra of Accretion Disks in Active Galactic Nuclei. III. Integrated Spectra for Hydrogen-Helium Disks
1202.003 NOVAS: Naval Observatory Vector Astrometry Software
1307.008 Obit: Radio Astronomy Data Handling
1011.017 Occultation and Microlensing
1010.048 OCTGRAV: Sparse Octree Gravitational N-body Code on Graphics Processing Units
1310.001 ORAC-DR: Astronomy data reduction pipeline
1210.024 ORBADV: ORBital ADVection by interpolation
1307.016 orbfit: Orbit fitting software
1106.015 OrbFit: Software to Determine Orbits of Asteroids
1304.012 ORIGAMI: Structure-finding routine in N-body simulation
1204.013 ORSA: Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis
1402.030 P2SAD: Particle Phase Space Average Density
1205.002 p3d: General data-reduction tool for fiber-fed integral-field spectrographs
1105.002 PACCE: Perl Algorithm to Compute Continuum and Equivalent Widths
1110.011 Pacerman: Polarisation Angle CorrEcting Rotation Measure ANalysis
1210.009 PAHFIT: Properties of PAH Emission
1103.008 Parallel HOP: A Scalable Halo Finder for Massive Cosmological Data Sets
1106.009 PARAMESH V4.1: Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement
1010.039 Parameter Estimation from Time-Series Data with Correlated Errors: A Wavelet-Based Method and its Application to Transit Light Curves
1103.014 ParaView: Data Analysis and Visualization Application
1208.020 ParselTongue: AIPS Python Interface
1010.005 Particle module of Piernik MHD code
1010.073 partiview: Immersive 4D Interactive Visualization of Large-Scale Simulations
1102.002 PBL: Particle-Based Lensing for Gravitational Lensing Mass Reconstructions of Galaxy Clusters
1207.012 PCA: Principal Component Analysis for spectra modeling
1102.022 PDRT: Photo Dissociation Region Toolbox
1304.001 PEC: Period Error Calculator
1108.008 PÉGASE-HR: Stellar Population Synthesis at High Resolution Spectra
1108.007 PÉGASE: Metallicity-consistent Spectral Evolution Model of Galaxies
1010.060 Pencil: Finite-difference Code for Compressible Hydrodynamic Flows
1103.002 PGPLOT: Device-independent Graphics Package for Simple Scientific Graphs
1209.008 Phantom-GRAPE: SIMD accelerated numerical library for N-body simulations
1112.006 PhAst: Display and Analysis of FITS Images
1106.002 PHOEBE: PHysics Of Eclipsing BinariEs
1010.056 PHOENIX: A General-purpose State-of-the-art Stellar and Planetary Atmosphere Code
1307.011 phoSim: Photon Simulator
1112.004 PHOX: X-ray Photon Simulator
1306.011 Pico: Parameters for the Impatient Cosmologist
1305.007 PINOCCHIO: PINpointing Orbit-Crossing Collapsed HIerarchical Objects
1007.001 PINTofALE: Package for Interactive Analysis of Line Emission
1102.007 PixeLens: A Portable Modeler of Lensed Quasars
1305.005 PkdGRAV2: Parallel fast-multipole cosmological code
1311.004 PlanetPack: Radial-velocity time-series analysis tool
1106.003 PLplot: Cross-platform Software Package for Scientific Plots
1206.007 Plumix: Generating mass segregated star clusters
1010.045 PLUTO: A Code for Flows in Multiple Spatial Dimensions
9909.001 PMCode: Particle-Mesh Code for Cosmological Simulations
1102.008 PMFAST: Towards Optimal Parallel PM N-body Codes
1102.015 PMFASTIC
1302.004 pNbody: A python parallelized N-body reduction toolbox
1109.005 PolSpice: Spatially Inhomogeneous Correlation Estimator for Temperature and Polarisation
0202.001 PopRatio: A program to calculate atomic level populations in astrophysical plasmas
1110.017 POWMES: Measuring the Power Spectrum in an N-body Simulation
1401.009 PPF module for CAMB
1210.002 pPXF: Penalized Pixel-Fitting stellar kinematics extraction
1112.016 PREDICT: Satellite tracking and orbital prediction
1305.006 Pressure-Entropy SPH: Pressure-entropy smooth-particle hydrodynamics
1107.017 PRESTO: PulsaR Exploration and Search TOolkit
1204.015 PROFIT: Emission-line PROfile FITting routine
1306.004 PROM4: 1D isothermal and isobaric modeler for solar prominences
1306.005 PROS: Multi-mission X-ray analysis software system
1301.001 PSFEx: Point Spread Function Extractor
1208.005 PSM: Planck Sky Model
1010.011 PSpectRe: A Pseudo-Spectral Code for (P)reheating
1105.014 PSRCHIVE: Development Library for the Analysis of Pulsar Astronomical Data
1107.019 PSRPOP: Pulsar Population Modelling Programs
1110.014 pureS2HAT: S 2HAT-based Pure E/B Harmonic Transforms
1307.019 PURIFY: Tools for radio-interferometric imaging
1210.026 PVS-GRMHD: Conservative GRMHD Primitive Variable Solvers
1204.002 pyBLoCXS: Bayesian Low-Count X-ray Spectral analysis
1304.020 pyCloudy: Tools to manage astronomical Cloudy photoionization code
1311.002 PyCOOL: Cosmological Object-Oriented Lattice code
1210.027 PyCosmic: Detecting cosmics in CALIFA and other fiber-fed integral-field spectroscopy datasets
1401.005 PyDrizzle: Python version of Drizzle
1112.014 PyEphem: Astronomical Ephemeris for Python
1403.002 pyExtinction: Atmospheric extinction
1207.009 PyFITS: Python FITS Module
1103.012 Pyflation: Second Order Perturbations During Inflation Beyond Slow-roll
1402.021 PyGFit: Python Galaxy Fitter
1208.004 PyKE: Reduction and analysis of Kepler Simple Aperture Photometry data
1401.003 PyMidas: Interface from Python to Midas
1109.010 PyModelFit: Model-fitting Framework and GUI Tool
1310.002 PyMSES: Python modules for RAMSES
1305.002 pynbody: N-Body/SPH analysis for python
1304.021 PyNeb: Analysis of emission lines
1207.011 PyRAF: Python alternative for IRAF
1207.010 PySALT: SALT science pipeline
1109.001 PySpecKit: Python Spectroscopic Toolkit
1303.023 pysynphot: Synthetic photometry software package
1402.004 PyVO: Python access to the Virtual Observatory
1402.034 PyWiFeS: Wide Field Spectrograph data reduction pipeline
1210.019 QFitsView: FITS file viewer
1304.016 Qhull: Quickhull algorithm for computing the convex hull
1402.012 QUICKCV: Cosmic variance calculator
1402.024 QuickReduce: Data reduction pipeline for the WIYN One Degree Imager
1210.028 QYMSYM: A GPU-accelerated hybrid symplectic integrator
1104.009 r-Java: An r-process Code and Graphical User Interface for Heavy-Element Nucleosynthesis
1106.005 R3D: Reduction Package for Integral Field Spectroscopy
1010.075 Radex: Fast Non-LTE Analysis of Interstellar Line Spectra
1108.014 RADICAL: Multi-purpose 2-D Radiative Transfer Code
1308.012 RADLite: Raytracer for infrared line spectra
1202.015 RADMC-3D: A multi-purpose radiative transfer tool
1108.016 RADMC: A 2-D Continuum Radiative Transfer Tool
9910.009 RADPACK: A RADical compression analysis PACKage for fitting to the CMB
1011.007 RAMSES: A new N-body and hydrodynamical code
0008.002 RATRAN: Radiative Transfer and Molecular Excitation in One and Two Dimensions
1105.009 Ray Tracing Codes: run_tau, run_raypath, and ray_kernel
1107.009 REAS3: Modeling Radio Emission from Cosmic Ray Air Showers
1110.016 REBOUND: Multi-purpose N-body code for collisional dynamics
1106.026 RECFAST: Calculate the Recombination History of the Universe
1401.004 Reflex: Graphical workflow engine for data reduction
1206.001 RegiStax: Alignment, stacking and processing of images
1010.017 RFI Software
1403.011 RMHB: Hierarchical Reverberation Mapping
1104.008 Rmodel: Determining Stellar Population Parameters
1201.002 Roche: Visualization and analysis tool for Roche-lobe grometry of evolving binaries
1210.008 Rockstar: Phase-space halo finder
1210.031 RVLIN: Fitting Keplerian curves to radial velocity data
9912.003 RVSAO 2.0: Digital Redshifts and Radial Velocities
1110.013 S2HAT: Scalable Spherical Harmonic Transform Library
1211.001 S2LET: Fast wavelet analysis on the sphere
1103.003 S2PLOT: Three-dimensional (3D) Plotting Library
1111.003 Saada: A Generator of Astronomical Database
1306.001 SAC: Sheffield Advanced Code
1203.011 SALT2: Spectral Adaptive Lightcurve Template
0003.002 SAOImage: A utility for displaying astronomical images in the X11 window environment
1210.029 Sapporo: N-body simulation library for GPUs
1309.005 SATMC: SED Analysis Through Monte Carlo
1010.063 SCAMP: Automatic Astrometric and Photometric Calibration
1209.012 Scanamorphos: Maps from scan observations made with bolometer arrays
1311.001 SciDB: Open Source DMAS for Scientific Research
1210.012 SearchCal: The JMMC Evolutive Search Calibrator Tool
1201.003 SeBa: Stellar and binary evolution
1101.001 Second-order Tight-coupling Code
1102.010 SEREN: A SPH code for star and planet formation simulations
1312.001 SERPent: Scripted E-merlin Rfi-mitigation PipelinE for iNTerferometry
1304.009 Sérsic: Exact deprojection of Sérsic surface brightness profiles
1010.064 SExtractor: Source Extractor
1304.013 SFH: Star Formation History
1210.005 SGNAPS: Software for Graphical Navigation, Analysis and Plotting of Spectra
1011.005 Shape of Cosmic String Loops
1204.010 Shape: A 3D Modeling Tool for Astrophysics
1307.014 Shapelets: Image Modelling
1108.017 SHELLSPEC: Simple Radiative Transfer along Line of Sight in Moving Media
1108.002 SHERA: SHEar Reconvolution Analysis
1107.005 Sherpa: CIAO Modeling and Fitting Package
1110.004 SHTOOLS: Tools for Working with Spherical Harmonics
1110.023 SiFTO: An Empirical Method for Fitting SN Ia Light Curves
1107.016 SIGPROC: Pulsar Signal Processing Programs
1010.025 SimFast21: Simulation of the Cosmological 21cm Signal
1110.022 simple_cosfitter: Supernova-centric Cosmological Fitter
1307.013 SIMX: Event simulator
1010.026 SofteningLength: A F90-package devoted to Softened Gravity in gaseous discs
1212.008 SIR: Stokes Inversion based on Response functions
1111.008 SITools2: A Framework for Archival Systems
1102.020 SKID: Finding Gravitationally Bound Groups in N-body Simulations
1109.003 SKIRT: Stellar Kinematics Including Radiative Transfer
1109.019 SkyCat: Visualization and Catalog and Data Access Tool
1010.066 SkyMaker: Astronomical Image Simulations Made Easy
1312.007 SkyNet: Neural network training tool for machine learning in astronomy
1312.014 SL1M: Synthesis through L1 Minimization
1403.025 SLALIB: A Positional Astronomy Library
1105.004 SLiM: A Code for the Simulation of Wave Propagation through an Inhomogeneous, Magnetised Solar Atmosphere
9906.001 SLOPES: Least-squares linear regression lines for bivariate datasets
1010.035 SLR: Stellar Locus Regression
1106.012 SLUG: Stochastically Lighting Up Galaxies
1210.021 SMART: Spectroscopic Modeling Analysis and Reduction Tool
1202.013 SME: Spectroscopy Made Easy
1308.001 SMILE: Orbital analysis and Schwarzschild modeling of triaxial stellar systems
1303.005 SMMOL: Spherical Multi-level MOLecular line radiative transfer
1310.007 SMURF: SubMillimeter User Reduction Facility
1010.027 SNANA: A Public Software Package for Supernova Analysis
1107.001 SNID: Supernova Identification
1403.026 SOFA: Standards of Fundamental Astronomy
1208.013 SolarSoft: Programming and data analysis environment for solar physics
1307.020 SOPT: Sparse OPTimisation
1401.002 SpacePy: Python-Based Tools for the Space Science Community
1105.006 SPARC: Seismic Propagation through Active Regions and Convection
1010.016 SpDust/SpDust.2: Code to Calculate Spinning Dust Spectra
1010.007 SPEAR: Stochastic Process Estimation for AGN Reverberations
1203.003 spec2d: DEEP2 DEIMOS Spectral Pipeline
1111.005 SPECTCOL: Spectroscopic and Collisional Data Retrieval
1202.010 SPECTRE: Manipulation of single-order spectra
9910.002 SPECTRUM: A stellar spectral synthesis program
1210.016 Specview: 1-D spectral visualization and analysis of astronomical spectrograms
1310.008 SPECX: Spectral Line Data Reduction Package
1308.014 SPEX: High-resolution cosmic X-ray spectra analysis
9912.001 SPH_1D: Hierarchical gravity/SPH treecode for simulations of interacting galaxies
1309.004 Spherical: Geometry operations and searches on spherical surfaces
1311.005 Spheroid: Electromagnetic Scattering by Spheroids
1103.009 SPHRAY: A Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Ray Tracer for Radiative Transfer
1103.004 SPLASH: An Interactive Visualization Tool for Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Simulations
1402.008 SPLAT-VO: Spectral Analysis Tool for the Virtual Observatory
1402.007 SPLAT: Spectral Analysis Tool
1103.005 Splotch: Ray Tracer to Visualize SPH Simulations
1201.013 SPS: SPIRE Photometer Simulator
1303.015 SSE: Single Star Evolution
1105.012 Stagger: MHD Method for Modeling Star Formation
1111.010 Starbase Data Tables: An ASCII Relational Database for Unix
1104.003 Starburst99: Synthesis Models for Galaxies with Active Star Formation
1010.074 StarCrash: 3-d Evolution of Self-gravitating Fluid Systems
0011.001 StarFinder: A code for stellar field analysis
1204.008 StarFISH: For Inferring Star-formation Histories
1010.076 Starlab: A Software Environment for Collisional Stellar Dynamics
1108.006 STARLIGHT: Spectral Synthesis Code
1110.012 Starlink: Multi-purpose Astronomy Software
1107.008 STARS: A Stellar Evolution Code
1206.006 statpl: Goodness-of-fit for power-law distributed data
1108.018 STECKMAP: STEllar Content and Kinematics via Maximum A Posteriori likelihood
1108.013 STELLA: Multi-group Radiation Hydrodynamics Code
1303.028 Stellarics: Inverse Compton scattering from stellar heliospheres
1306.009 STF: Structure Finder
1110.006 STIFF: Converting Scientific FITS Images to TIFF
1105.001 STILTS: Starlink Tables Infrastructure Library Tool Set
1204.009 STOKES: Modeling Radiative Transfer and Polarization
1106.021 StringFast: Fast Code to Compute CMB Power Spectra induced by Cosmic Strings
1206.003 STSDAS: IRAF Tools for Hubble Space Telescope data reduction
1010.067 Stuff: Simulating “Perfect” Astronomical Catalogues
1401.010 SunPy: Python for Solar Physicists
1303.030 Sunrise: Radiation transfer through interstellar dust
1105.007 Sunspot Models
1109.007 SuperBayeS: Supersymmetry Parameters Extraction Routines for Bayesian Statistics
1109.014 Supernova Flux-averaging Likelihood Code
1403.008 SURF: Submm User Reduction Facility
1208.012 Swarm-NG: Parallel n-body Integrations
1010.068 SWarp: Resampling and Co-adding FITS Images Together
1303.001 SWIFT: A solar system integration software package
1112.018 SwiftVis: Data Analysis & Visualization For Planetary Science
1308.008 SYN++: Standalone SN spectrum synthesis
1308.007 SYNAPPS: Forward-modeling of supernova spectroscopy data sets
1302.014 SYNMAG Photometry: Catalog-level Matched Colors of Extended Sources
1010.055 SYNOW: A Highly Parameterized Spectrum Synthesis Code for Direct Analysis of SN Spectra
1109.022 Synspec: General Spectrum Synthesis Program
1212.010 Synth3: Non-magnetic spectrum synthesis code
1210.018 Systemic Console: Advanced analysis of exoplanetary data
1304.018 SZpack: Computation of Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) signals
1403.014 T(dust) as a function of sSFR
1210.006 TA-DA: A Tool for Astrophysical Data Analysis
1303.010 TAC-maker: Transit Analytical Curve maker
1202.004 TALYS: Nuclear Reaction Simulator
1106.014 Transit Analysis Package (TAP and autoKep): IDL Graphical User Interfaces for Extrasolar Planet Transit Photometry
1306.007 Tapir: A web interface for transit/eclipse observability
1402.018 TARDIS: Temperature And Radiative Diffusion In Supernovae
1305.014 TAU: 1D radiative transfer code for transmission spectroscopy of extrasolar planet atmospheres
1210.015 Tempo2: Pulsar Timing Package
1303.012 TGCat: Chandra Transmission Grating Catalog and Archive
1308.013 THELI GUI: Optical, near- & mid-infrared imaging data reduction
1112.003 THERMINATOR 2: THERMal heavy IoN generATOR 2
1212.014 Thrust: Productivity-Oriented Library for CUDA
1206.012 Time Utilities
1010.057 Tiny Tim: Simulated Hubble Space Telescope PSFs
1111.015 TIPSY: Code for Display and Analysis of N-body Simulations
1208.008 TiRiFiC: Tilted Ring Fitting Code
1108.012 TITAN: General-purpose Radiation Hydrodynamics Code
1109.021 TLUSTY: Stellar Atmospheres, Accretion Disks, and Spectroscopic Diagnostics
1212.015 TMAP: Tübingen NLTE Model-Atmosphere Package
1209.007 TMCalc: Fast estimation of stellar metallicity [Fe/H]
1104.001 TomograPy: A Fast, Instrument-Independent, Solar Tomography Software
1101.010 TOPCAT: Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables
1305.003 TPM: Tree-Particle-Mesh code
1304.011 TPZ: Trees for Photo-Z
1011.018 Transit of a Spherical Planet of a Stellar Chromosphere which is Geometrically Thin
1210.014 TRIP: General computer algebra system for celestial mechanics
1011.011 Accurate Modeling of Weak Lensing with the sGL Method
1205.004 Turbospectrum: Code for spectral synthesis
1304.015 TVD: Total Variation Diminishing code
1210.025 TwoDSSM: Self-gravitating 2D shearing sheet
1303.008 TYCHO: Stellar evolution code
1303.006 UCL_CHEM: time and depth dependent gas-grain chemical model
1303.004 UCL_PDR: Time dependent photon-dissociation regions model
1104.007 ULySS: A Full Spectrum Fitting Package
1403.007 Unified EOS for neutron stars
1110.021 Univiewer: Visualisation Program for HEALPix Maps
1402.017 UVMULTIFIT: Fitting astronomical radio interferometric data
1207.003 VAC: Versatile Advection Code
1309.002 VAPHOT: Precision differential aperture photometry package
1111.012 VAPOR: Visualization and Analysis Platform for Ocean, Atmosphere, and Solar Researchers
1208.016 VARTOOLS: Light Curve Analysis Program
1010.021 velfit: A Code for Modeling Non-Circular Flows in Disk Galaxies
1204.007 VH-1: Multidimensional ideal compressible hydrodynamics code
1306.015 VHD: Viscous pseudo-Newtonian accretion
1403.016 Viewpoints: Fast interactive linked plotting of large multivariate data sets
1201.006 VIM: Visual Integration and Mining
1010.058 VINE: A numerical code for simulating astrophysical systems using particles I
1204.012 VirGO: A Visual Browser for the ESO Science Archive Facility
1103.007 VisIt: Interactive Parallel Visualization and Graphical Analysis Tool
1011.020 VisIVO: Integrated Tools and Services for Large-Scale Astrophysical Visualization
1402.001 Vissage: ALMA VO Desktop Viewer
1304.005 VOBOZ/ZOBOV: Halo-finding and Void-finding algorithms
1309.007 VOMegaPlot: Plotting millions of points
1309.006 VOPlot: Toolkit for Scientific Discovery using VOTables
1211.006 Voronoi binning method
1205.011 VOSpec: VO Spectral Analysis Tool
1309.008 VOStat: Statistical analysis of astronomical data
1108.003 WCSLIB and PGSBOX
1109.015 WCSTools: Image Astrometry Toolkit
1010.042 WeightMixer: Hybrid Cross-power Spectrum Estimation
1010.069 WeightWatcher: Code to Produce Control Maps
1010.084 WhiskyMHD: Numerical Code for General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamics
9910.007 WINGSPAN: A WINdows Gamma-ray SPectral Analysis program
1204.001 WM-basic: Modeling atmospheres of hot stars
1312.002 WND-CHARM: Multi-purpose image classifier
1212.007 WOLF: FITS file processor
1204.014 WOMBAT: sWift Objects for Mhd BAsed on Tvd
1304.004 Wqed: Lightcurve Analysis Suite
1010.071 WSHAPE: Gravitational Softening and Adaptive Mass Resolution
1402.029 wssa_utils: WSSA 12 micron dust map utilities
1207.014 wvrgcal: Correction of atmospheric phase fluctuations in ALMA observations
1211.003 WVT Binning: Spatially adaptive 2-D binning
1312.005 XAssist: Automatic analysis of X-ray astrophysics data
1302.016 XDQSO: Photometic quasar probabilities and redshifts
1107.010 XDSPRES: CL-based package for Reducing OSIRIS Cross-dispersed Spectra
1112.013 XEphem: Interactive Astronomical Ephemeris
1303.021 Xmatch: GPU Enhanced Astronomic Catalog Cross-Matching
1402.020 XNS: Axisymmetric equilibrium configuration of neutron stars
1212.002 XPHOT: Estimation of properties of weak X-ray sources
1207.008 xSonify: Sonification software
9910.005 XSPEC: An X-ray spectral fitting package
9910.008 XSTAR: A program for calculating conditions and spectra of photoionized gases
1306.016 Yaxx: Yet another X-ray extractor
1305.008 YNOGK: Calculating null geodesics in the Kerr spacetime
1403.012 YNOGKM: Time-like geodesics in the Kerr-Newmann Spacetime calculations
1312.009 YODA: Yet another Object Detection Application
1203.010 Youpi: YOUr processing PIpeline
1011.022 yt: A Multi-Code Analysis Toolkit for Astrophysical Simulation Data
1110.005 ZEBRA: Zurich Extragalactic Bayesian Redshift Analyzer
1102.027 ZENO: N-body and SPH Simulation Codes
1306.014 ZEUS-2D: Simulation of fluid dynamical flows
1102.028 ZEUS-MP/2: Computational Fluid Dynamics Code
1202.002 ZODIPIC: Zodiacal Cloud Image Synthesis
1011.003 ZPEG: An Extension of the Galaxy Evolution Model PEGASE.2

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