Codes Summary

Please see the ASCL’s new website for a current listing of codes. Updates have ceased on this page; please adjust your bookmarks. Thank you.

This page lists the 853 codes in the ASCL through May, 2014; these are listed in reverse date order (newest code at the top). Click on the code title to view the code entry.

Please email to have your code included.

ASCL: Codes Summary

[ascl:1401.009] PPF module for CAMB
[ascl:1307.013] SIMX: Event simulator
[ascl:1307.015] CTI Correction Code
[ascl:1306.009] STF: Structure Finder
[ascl:1208.005] PSM: Planck Sky Model
[ascl:1206.009] Libimf
[ascl:1206.012] Time Utilities
[ascl:1203.001] AE: ACIS Extract
[ascl:1108.003] WCSLIB and PGSBOX
[ascl:1107.004] Flexible DM-NRG
[ascl:1105.007] Sunspot Models
[ascl:1105.008] Flux Tube Model

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