July 22nd, 2012

A Few Bits about Quantum Theory, Part 1

Presenter: Dr. Paul Doherty
Senior Scientist at the Exploratorium in San Francisco and director of The Splo Museum (in SL)

Seminar Audio

 In this first lecture of two, Dr. Doherty traces the history of light as wave and particle. He discusses Planck’s solution to the puzzle of blackbody radiation leading up to 1905 when Einstein proposed an explanation of the photoelectric effect using light as quanta of energy, later named photons. He also shows how the spectra of atoms observed in the 19th century is described by the Bohr model of the atom using electron waves.

First presented in Second Life in February, 2011.
Dr. Doherty will answer a selection of questions posted by August 10, 2012.

Files also available here: http://www.mica-vw.org/wiki/index.php/A_Few_Bits_about_Quantum_Theory.