BA: BREAKING: Congress passes science act

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BA: BREAKING: Congress passes science act

Post by bystander » Sat May 29, 2010 3:25 pm

BREAKING: Third time’s a charm, Congress passes science act
Bad Astronomy - 29 May 2010
After Republicans twice stalled it, the America COMPETES Act was passed by the House of Representatives by a vote of 262-150.


I have the history of this bill outlined in an earlier post. It failed the first time it went to vote because a Republican Congressman used some shameful politics to derail it, and the second time because to bring the Act to the House Floor for a vote, the Democratic majority had to put it in to pass with a 2/3 majority. Too many Republicans still voted against it, claiming it was too much spending.

That, to be blunt, is garbage. This Act makes sure we have enough money funding science and technology to grow our economy. Not passing it would be like eating your seed corn.
The bottom line is, I am very happy this finally passed. It will fund a lot of science research as well as educational efforts for the next few years. As Rep. Holt points out, science always pays off far more than you invest, always. America will be better off and stronger because of this.
Now if we could just get them to teach science in college ...