Questions about the submission of an APOD

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Questions about the submission of an APOD

Post by Fabiola » Mon Mar 28, 2005 3:34 pm

Hi all,

I'm interested to send a picture that I consider
it would be a good APOD, but I have some questions....

1.- The way that I will use to submite the picture, it
would be the e-mail one (I prefer this one than put it
on a webpage). In that case, which resolution and
size must have the picture?

2.- Can be appear the copyright "over" the picture?

3.- The text that appears under the picture must
be written by me? If so, should I correct the grammar and
spelling (or you usually do that)?

4.- If I accept you publish the picture on your picture
collection CD, must I fill a specific form to tell you
I'm agree with the publication?

5.- The picture that I send you, must be a recent one
or can I send you, for example, a photo of one eclipse
ocurring last year?

6.- Can I send you more than one picture?

Thank you very much and sorry about to much questions!