Reverse sun motion

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Re: Reverse sun motion

Post by Nitpicker » Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:20 am

Wake up John! You're going to miss your flight!

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Re: Reverse sun motion

Post by bystander » Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:23 am

Believe me when I tell you the Sun is exactly where it should be for any given location at any given time regardless of how far you traveled, how fast, or what direction. If it were not, we would have a much greater problem than your silly illogical nonsense.
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Re: Reverse sun motion

Post by John M. Haskew » Sat Dec 05, 2015 2:02 pm

A word of clarification is in order. I say again: All posters are correct. I see no errors of logic in any statement by any poster throughout this thread. Consider the following:

1. Two sprinters begin a race running side-by-side. One begins to move in reverse motion to the other, yet continues forward.

2. A boat is motoring downstream. The propeller begins to turn in reverse motion, yet the boat continues downstream.

3. The sun rose six hours ago. The sun's altitude indicates the sun rose three hours ago, yet continues forward.

Conclusion: Correct, the sun appears to move forward when travelling to L.A., but it is in reverse motion. The "problem" to which I refer is that two contradictory scientific statements may both be true.

In a larger philosophical sense, if you will oblige, there is good reason to hold that each individual person does not move. Consider Zeno's paradox:

To move one inch, you must move half of one inch. To move half of one inch, you must move half of the half-inch, and so on. Therefore motion is impossible.

As one observer here points out, and to which I fully agree, it matters not the location, distance travelled, direction, or speed of the sun: The sun is right where it should be. But I might playfully retort: Where should it be?