My Celestron Evolution 6 Lunar images

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My Celestron Evolution 6 Lunar images

Post by Boomer12k » Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:17 am

My Lunar shots from the 2nd of August, I think it was. This is with my new Celestron Evolution 6". I am pleased with what this little scope can do. But don't tell the Squirrels...OK?
Not as close as my 8" Meade LS scope, but it is in Mexico for repair, and when it comes back, it will hopefully go to a good home, on Craig's List....

Click on for bigger image, and click again for Zoom....
Moon 8-2-001.jpg
Moon 8-2-002.jpg
Moon 8-2-003.jpg
The C.E.6 is pretty nice. Does not need external power as it has internal battery for up to 10 hours of Sky Time. Also, Does not need electric power just to WORK. You can release the clutches and point at an object, like The Moon, if you just want a quick look. Nice for a terrestrial shot if you need to set up quick. You can also steer with power, and not need to align the scope for a quick view also, which I like.
Dark Spots, in the upper left, in the images are my poor DSI camera artifacts, probably some dead spaces.
The images are stacked, around 20 or so each, maybe one was 39. I think last one came out really nice.

Until next Time...Clear Skies... Full Moon was very bright tonight. Could not see much of anything in the sky, only Altair, I think.

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