Official APOD Discord Server and Bot

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Official APOD Discord Server and Bot

Post by OgetayK » Sun Sep 18, 2022 5:03 pm

Hello everyone,

APOD now has an official and verified Discord server and Discord bot. You can join the server to follow APOD daily, you can get notifications daily so you don't miss one! You can also discuss and chat with others, just like here. APOD Bot is capable of many things that would make your life easier, please feel free to explore and share. You can invite the APOD bot to your own server if you don't prefer to join the APOD server.

A few months ago we've announced here ( that we were looking for a bot programmer. Three volunteers joined us and we proceeded on one bot. With the help of others, we now have a server that has already more than 100 followers without any announcements on social media. We expect a lot more to join us.

But before the announcements on social media, for the firstcomers, we give out a role (a title) called "first stars" that is exclusive only to people who join the server before the announcements. We won't be giving this title after we publicly announce it. So don't miss the chance if you use Discord!

I want to thank Will Forsberg for developing this bot and helping with the setup and management of the server. Also, special thanks to Max Melley and Thomas Andaloro for sharing their ideas to improve the server and bot.

The invitation link is:


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Re: Official APOD Discord Server and Bot

Post by Rauf » Thu Sep 14, 2023 10:11 pm

Thanks a lot! The bot works perfectly. However, The invite link for the server has expired or so it seems.
Any chance for a new link?