I had no idea this existed!

Comments and questions about the APOD on the main view screen.
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I had no idea this existed!

Post by Eni » Mon Sep 13, 2004 7:44 pm

I've been reading APOD for more than a year, and never even looked to see if there was anything more than amazing pictures, and explanations, until I saw the link in the halo-style photograph. Well, hello forum!



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Post by Espio » Mon Sep 13, 2004 10:22 pm

I too was unaware there was a place to talk about APOD (other then the comments area on the APOD LiveJournal feed (which is really just more 'oooh aaah' comments then discussions). I'll have to pop over here every now and then to see if anything interesting is being talked about ;)

BTW, for those of you that arent aware, and use the LJ service, there is a syndicated feed of APOD that will put it's updates on your friends page. At 3700+ readers, its LJ's 10th most popular feed.
-- Brad / Espio

Dan Cordell
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Post by Dan Cordell » Thu Sep 23, 2004 4:38 am

We just brought this forum up about a month ago, so it's no surprise you hadn't known about it before. :D

Welcome, feel free to ask questions.
Dan Cordell, Giant Space Cow

Gregorio S. Maya

Post by Gregorio S. Maya » Sun Nov 21, 2004 2:40 pm

Thanks for this great forum. I've been viewing APOD for a couple of years now, and it's a great supplement to the wonderful images.