Vimeo videos not working?

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Re: Vimeo videos not working?

Post by Chris Peterson » Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:48 pm

foxidrive wrote:I uninstalled flash and opted into the HTML5 trial using MSIE, Opera and Firefox and most of the videos that I tried, didn't play. A Youtube graphic told me to install flash. Songs mostly. A few did play fine - but the results show that flash is far from obsolete, my friend. :)

Anyway, my issue with Vimeo and the APOD videos is resolved so thanks for all your help guys.
Flash is obsolete, simply by virtue that new material isn't being developed, and the majority of devices no longer support it. Obsolete doesn't mean not useful, however.

(Curious results you had; I disabled Flash, opted OUT of the HTML5 trial, and couldn't find a YouTube video that wouldn't play. Something odd is going on, that's for sure.)

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