Bright spot

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Ernst Lippe

Bright spot

Post by Ernst Lippe » Fri Dec 10, 2004 4:19 pm

There is only explanation for the very bright spot on the left
side that I have not seen yet (surprising when you consider the
number of contributions in this discussion).

Many animals (especially nocturnal ones) have highly reflective
eyes. When I went night spotting with a flash light in Australia
it was very easy to find wolf spiders (Lycos) and lots of other

The Cannon Power G3 has a special setting for the synchronization
of the flash, it can either go off at the start or at the end of
the exposure period. I sent an e-mail to the photographer to ask
his setting, but so far he has not responded (not surprising,
since I am probably not the only one that is asking dumb

When the flash occurred at the start, the bug is flying right to
left, and the bright spot at the left would be caused by a
reflection of its head. Otherwise, it would be caused by a
reflection of its abdomen. Because many insects have a
reflecting abdomen that would also be a satisfactory explanation
for the bright spot.