Which NGC spiral has the highest redshift?

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Which NGC spiral has the highest redshift?

Post by JeanTate » Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:18 am

The title say it all ... except to clarify:

* 'spiral' includes edge-on and lenticulars

Follow-on question: which NGC spiral is the largest, physically?


* not counting the tidal tails of spirals in mergers

* 'largest, physically', as a metric, should be consistent (i.e./e.g. NGC ABCD may be the largest, physically as measured by the scale length of its disk (exponential fit), but NGC EFGH by the furthest-from-the-nucleus 21 cm detected emission; pick a metric, and use it consistently).

As always, the how trumps the what; "how did you find the answer?" is more important than "what is the answer?"