My M27 test with Celestron Evolution 6

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My M27 test with Celestron Evolution 6

Post by Boomer12k » Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:37 am

Well, it did not turn out too bad. 9 images stacked in Registax 6. Then Photo-shopped for Levels, and Colors...but Auto did not work well, had to do manually. My 10" LX 200 scope did not need the manual adjustments, nor the 8" Light Switch scope. I wonder why the Celestron has this issue...

My Meade scopes worked well with the Meade DSI II color camera. The Celestron is having some trouble with the Dark Frames, and I have been playing around with some settings, and this isn't too bad. The Dark Frames works, but it darkens the whole image, and so, playing with Offset in the Visage software brightened it up, and I did not have too many heat speckles. So, I am fairly happy for the work around.

So, hope you enjoy this first real effort with a nebula and my E6... but first... a Moon Shot from tonight too...through 2X Barlow. PLUS my 10" LX200 close up of M27.

Probably my last night this year as it is going to get cooler, and rain come soon...
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