SDSS-V: Next Generation Astronomical Survey to Map the Entire Sky

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SDSS-V: Next Generation Astronomical Survey to Map the Entire Sky

Post by bystander » Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:18 pm

Next Generation Astronomical Survey to Map the Entire Sky
Sloan Digital Sky Survey | Carnegie Institution for Science | 2017 Nov 16
[img3="This artist’s impression shows a cutaway view of the parts of the
Universe that SDSS-V will study. Credit: Robin Dienel/CIS/SDSS
"] ... 70x616.jpg[/img3][hr][/hr]
The next generation of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-V), directed by Juna Kollmeier of the Carnegie Institution for Science, will move forward with mapping the entire sky following a $16 million grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The grant will kickstart a groundbreaking all-sky spectroscopic survey for a next wave of discovery, anticipated to start in 2020.

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey has been one of the most-successful and influential surveys in the history of astronomy, creating the most-detailed three-dimensional maps of the universe ever made, with deep multi-color images of one third of the sky, and spectra for more than three million astronomical objects. ...

SDSS-V will consist of three projects, each mapping different components of the universe: The Milky Way Mapper, the Black Hole Mapper and the Local Volume Mapper. The first Mapper focuses on the formation of the Milky Way and its stars and planets. The second will study the formation, growth, and ultimate sizes of the supermassive black holes that lurk at the centers of galaxies. The Local Volume Mapper will create the first complete spectroscopic maps of the most-iconic nearby galaxies. ...

SDSS-V: Pioneering Panoptic Spectroscopy - Juna A. Kollmeier et al
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