CESSI/IISER: Predictions of Solar Cycle 25

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CESSI/IISER: Predictions of Solar Cycle 25

Post by bystander » Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:47 pm

Predictions of Solar Cycle 25
Center of Excellence in Space Sciences India | 2018 Dec 06
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Team of IISER Kolkata scientists has predicted the sun’s activity in coming years which reveal future space environmental conditions. Due to this study, imminent sun induced cooling of climate has been ruled out.

IISER Kolkata based Indian scientists have come out with a prediction for the upcoming sunspot cycle which reveals the expected conditions in space over the next decade. Their research work has appeared in the renowned journal Nature Communications. “This research has direct relevance for protection of India’s space-based technological assets and the global climate” said Prof. Sourav Pal, Director, IISER Kolkata. ...

Prediction of the Strength and Timing of Sunspot Cycle 25 Reveal
Decadal-Scale Space Environmental Conditions
~ Prantika Bhowmik, Dibyendu Nandy
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