NASA/JPL: NEOWISE Celebrates Five Years of Asteroid Data

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NASA/JPL: NEOWISE Celebrates Five Years of Asteroid Data

Post by bystander » Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:06 pm

NEOWISE Celebrates Five Years of Asteroid Data
NASA | JPL-Caltech | NEOWISE | 2019 Apr 15
NASA's Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) mission released its fifth year of survey data on April 11, 2019. The five years of NEOWISE data have significantly advanced scientists' knowledge of asteroids and comets in the solar system, as well as the stars and galaxies beyond. ...

"NEOWISE recently surpassed 95 billion recorded measurements of asteroids, comets, stars and galaxies - a remarkable accomplishment for a recycled spacecraft," said Lindley Johnson ... "This asteroid hunter has measured the sizes of more than 1,000 near-Earth asteroids and is still producing great data, making it a unique asset in our portfolio of asteroid-hunting telescopes and an important prototype for an upcoming space-based NEO survey mission."

In addition to providing critical data on asteroids and comets in our own solar system, NEOWISE has provided data that have enabled the worldwide scientific community to track bursting stars, characterize distant quasars from the first billion years of the universe's history, conduct a census of millions of merging galaxies and take multi-wavelength measurements of hundreds of millions of stars and galaxies. ...
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