M42-Great Nebula in Orion... PAINTING.

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M42-Great Nebula in Orion... PAINTING.

Post by Boomer12k » Sun Jan 19, 2020 6:24 am

My friend, Jean, used to have a 10" Meade she would take up to the mountain rescue helipad on Mount Palomar, and view till dawn...she had a friend, a fellow observer, and he was a painter... with his eyesight failing... he made her several paintings... this is one of them, of M42...It is a large, around 36 inches tall, I think...a poster-like painting... there are no noticeable brush strokes...very fine work...it is like it is viewed through a larger telescope, with much detail... I don't see that much in my 8 or 10 inch... not without a camera... it is really very awesome.

It is framed, and has glass over it , so there would be reflection from the flash, it was not well situated for "non-glare" with the lights on, so lights off with flash...at a bit of an angle. Picture does not do it justice, it is really very striking.

It hangs on a wall in her family room. She has several other paintings, one of a Martian landscape... will try to get another pic sometime.

Hope you enjoy.
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Re: M42-Great Nebula in Orion... PAINTING.

Post by Ann » Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:39 am

Thank you very much, Boomer. It is a lovely painting.

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