My Photo Veil Nebula

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My Photo Veil Nebula

Post by Altrmike » Sun Sep 12, 2021 2:21 am

Supernova remnant "Veil Nebula" The source supernova was a star 20 times more massive than the Sun which exploded between 10,000 and 20,000 years ago. At the time of explosion, the supernova would have appeared brighter than Venus in the sky, and visible in daytime. The remnants have since expanded to cover an area of the sky roughly 3 degrees in diameter (about 6 times the diameter, and 36 times the area, of the full Moon). While previous distance estimates have ranged from 1200 to 5800 light-years, a recent determination of 2400 light-years is based on direct astrometric measurements.

Captured in Marana Arizona on 09-08-2021

Lights 72 300s

Darks 20 300s

Total RMS Error 1.40

Main Camera : ASI 183 mc pro

Guide camera 120mm

Scope William Optics 71mm GT

Mount GEM45

Filter L-enhance

Computer ASI Air Pro

Moon 5%

Bortle 4

Processed in Photoshop Star net++ Deep sky stacker

[img]file:///C:/Users/Marme/OneDrive/De ... .jpg[/img]