Spaces exploration focuses

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Spaces exploration focuses

Post by Lariliss » Tue Oct 12, 2021 1:57 pm

There are two branches for space exploration: far missions and near-earth ones.
I believe, the technology, engineering tests, time and effort that is spent for both are intertwined.

The Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury missions are set. James Webb Telescope is to be launched.

The are many countries and companies are participating in all processes, having main questions in front them:

- Harnessing AI more effectively for the satellites control, thus possibly reducing their number;
- Debris removal technologies for new launches;
- Making launches clean, using ecofuel;
- Making facilities more reliable and effective with 3D printing;
- Making ‘traffic rules’ on the orbit.

These goals are set for bringing space launch to a new level to leverage the traffic demand and sustain the market.

What is the most urgent subject to be achieved?