Potential Outburst Discovery In Ophiuchus Constellation‏‏

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Potential Outburst Discovery In Ophiuchus Constellation‏‏

Post by Ahmad Jabakenji » Fri Jan 28, 2022 8:00 pm

Greetings from Lebanon,

So glad and honored to post here for the first time. I'm a founder of Astronomical Scientific Union - Lebanon (ASU Lebanon), a space scientific artist/founder of a subsidiary union to ASU Lebanon known as (North Star Space Art), & general photographer. Yet I've six different features on NASA's websites in Astrophotography & Astronomy Art.

A month ago, while I was looking deeply in Rho Ophiuchi image, I spotted a transient phenomenon in ESO's image (ESO 1248e), and it's about a past outburst of a variable star that was captured on November 30, 2012.
On my Instagram account (@asu_lebanon), I created an animation of the outburst stages, explained the whole process what really happens in case of variable stars outburst generally, and added two possibilities of why the aftermath gases/dust seem to be disappeared without a trace in many imagery observatories, including PanSTARRS1 3pi.
Post on ASU Lebanon, Instagram:

Details of the potential red outburst in (ESO 1248e) image:
RA: 16h 27m 36.3s
Dec: -23 : 02 : 25
There's another possible red outburst in the same image:
RA: 16h 38m 24.9s
Dec: -25 : 17 : 05

What do you think?

Notice that a proposal was sent officially to IAU for naming those two potential outbursts/stars, in case this exploration was right and confirmed.