Found Images: 2024 January

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Found Images: 2024 January

Post by bystander » Mon Jan 01, 2024 4:12 pm

Have you seen a great image or video somewhere that you think would make a great APOD? Nominate it for APOD! Please post as much information here as you have about the image/video with a link to any source(s) for it you know of here, and the editors will take a look.

When posting the image itself, please do not post anything larger than a thumbnail here; please honor the copyright holder's copyright.

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Re: Found Images: 2024 January

Post by AVAO » Sat Jan 06, 2024 7:36 pm

New discovery of a large and faint nebula in the Triangulum galaxy M33
Read more: viewtopic.php?t=43507
Close up's: & "I would like to share with you my recent discovery of a large and faint nebula in the Triangulum galaxy, M33. I've been working on this project since 2021. Last fall, I gathered 153h of data and found an uncatalogued nebula. As I keep my collaboration with professional astrophysicists, I got in contact with them (Dr.Raúl Infante - CFCA and Judith Ardèvol - Barcelona University) in order to start the search in catalogues and articles and finally write the Research Note that has been published recently in the American Astronomical Society and also in ArXiv."

ABSTRACT: We report the discovery of a previously uncatalogued arch-shaped filamentary nebula at the outer part of the Triangulum galaxy (M33) centred at α = 1h34m25s, δ = +30◦20′17′′ (ICRS). This discovery stems from meticulous observations employing deep exposures of M33, using both Hα and [OIII] narrow-band filters. The nebula, designated as Roig1 Prades Sky, exhibits an Hα surface brightness of 23.9 mag arcsec−2. Its sky projected location is 21 arcmin away from the M33 galactic centre towards the southeast direction with an extent of (120×440)±30 pc. Deep spectroscopic observations are required to unveil its real nature.

Link to my webpage: ... 172/ad12d1
Full HD image at Astrobin:

Aleix Roig
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Congratulations. What a breathtaking picture!