Submissions: 2024 April

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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by benjamin.csizi » Sat Apr 13, 2024 9:28 pm

HDR composite of the 2024 total solar eclipse from Eagletown, Oklahoma. The image consists of 8 brackets with exposure times ranging from 1/800s to 1.6s, with three images per bracket. The processing was fully done in Photoshop, with manual coronal registration followed by sharpening and filtering. I mainly followed @astrofalls eclipse processing guide.


Full resolution available on astrobin:

Alson Wong
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by Alson Wong » Sun Apr 14, 2024 1:51 am

April 8, 2024 Total Solar Eclipse/b]
Copyright: Alson Wong

A composite image of the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse from Francisco I. Madero in Mexico, showing the corona, Baily's beads, prominences, and earthshine on the Moon.
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by yujiazhuzyj » Sun Apr 14, 2024 4:56 am

Eclipse Triptych from Sherbrooke, Quebec
A panoramic photo of the total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024 over Sherbrooke, QC. It depicts the landscape at the onset of the eclipse, the peak of totality, and the very end of the eclipse.

I chose this approach because I wanted to document this event as I saw it with my eyes. This includes the change in lighting, the trajectory of the Sun, the drifting clouds, and the different colors of the lake's reflections. I was extremely lucky to have seen and photographed this eclipse, considering how cloudy southern Quebec usually is, so I wanted to try my best to immortalize these memories.

Location: Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
Time: 2024-04-08 14:18 EST (left third, 2 minutes after 1st contact); 15:29 EST (middle third; maximum of totality); 16:34 EST (right third; 4 minutes before the end of the eclipse)

Capture data:
- Canon EOS T7i, Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens at f/3.5
- Left and right third: 1/4000s, ISO 100
- Middle third: 1/10s, ISO 400

Processing: corrected for lens distortion, aligned into a panorama, and corrected a few details where images blend. No processing otherwise, in order to depict the original lighting conditions.

Jessica Rojas
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by Jessica Rojas » Sun Apr 14, 2024 2:31 pm

Hi there!
I'm pleased to submit to you for your consideration these captures :ssmile:

Conjunction Jupiter (+ moons) + moon full at 5% + comet P12 / Pons Brooks
Captured last wednesday April 10
(the man has a shiny orb in his hand)

Author: Jessica Rojas
(@byjessicarojas on IG)

ImageJupiter + moon + comet P12/Pons Brooks conjunction by Jessica Rojas by Jessica Rojas, en Flickr
ImageJupiter + moon + comet P12/Pons Brooks conjunction by Jessica Rojas data by Jessica Rojas, en Flickr
ImageJupiter + moon + conjunction by Jessica Rojas by Jessica Rojas, en Flickr

Thanks for your time and have a nice day!


Nikon Z 8 + Z 100-400mm Nikkor | 1/10 | 5F | ISO2500
Tripod Benro Tortoise 35C + GX35

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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by salvatorecerruto » Sun Apr 14, 2024 6:17 pm

ImageThe Sky and the Sea by Salvatore Cerruto, su Flickr

The sky and the sea, two elements of nature that contend for the concept of infinity. Contemplating this wonder after so long has made me rediscover sensations that I had almost forgotten, and it's incredible to think how humans can sometimes forget about beauty and almost not miss it, accustomed to the frenzy of daily life that pursues and empties.

Technical data: Nikon D800 + Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4 @ f/4, ISO-800, 10 shots of 2 minutes for the sky + 4 shots of 2 minutes for the ground.

Date: April 5, 2024
Location: Punta Regilione, Sicily, Italy
Author: Salvatore Cerruto

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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by Juan_Chanclas » Sun Apr 14, 2024 11:08 pm

Total Solar Eclipse 2024 - Bealy Beads, Diamond Rings and Inner Corona
Hi! I travelled to north of Mexico to see and live the eclipse! Some clouds they came with me but and the end, was absolutely amazing! I can capture some pictures and here it is! Bealy Beads, Diamond Rings and Inner Corona, one composition with all together, I hope you enjoy!

For more details and resolution:

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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by behyar » Sun Apr 14, 2024 11:53 pm

2024 Eclipse - Corona HDR

Copyright: Behyar Bakhshandeh, Carlsbad, CA

From Ennis, TX
HDR using 11 bracketed frames. 1/4 sec through 1/4000 sec.
Canon 5D Mark III, 420 mm @ f/11, ISO 200
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by behyar » Mon Apr 15, 2024 4:57 am

2024 Eclipse - Sidewalk Shadows

Copyright: Behyar Bakhshandeh, Carlsbad, CA

From Ennis, TX
Using iPhone XIII Pro MAX

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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by Naztronomy » Mon Apr 15, 2024 5:09 am

Amazing Prominences During Totality
Copyright: Nazmus Nasir

A very bright prominence appeared near Third Contact, visible to the naked eye. Looked like a hot pixel to the eye but in fact, it was a naked-eye prominence near the southern limb of the sun. It quickly vanished as the sun reappeared from behind the moon.
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by photojhh » Mon Apr 15, 2024 5:51 am

Here is a unique video from the April 2024 total solar eclipse -- at least, I have not seen anything like this posted on APOD or elsewhere.

Title: Total Solar Eclipse 2024 Shadowing
Copyright: John H. Harms (
YouTube video link:
From Oak Point Park In Richardson, TX. What do you do when clouds are in the way of your total solar eclipse? Capture wide-angle video of the moon's shadow in the cloud-tops -- both front view and rear view. At the time-lapse speeds chosen for this video, you can see the shadow-front moving across the sky at the beginning and end of totality.

Technical details: Two tripod-mounted smartphones set to use their wide-angle lenses for video:
• iPhone 12 facing the Sun
• iPhone 15 facing away from the Sun

Under-500K thumbnail image here: ... eb_o_d.jpg
Full-resolution version thumbnail image here: ... 0a_o_d.jpg

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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by radu.marinescu.996 » Mon Apr 15, 2024 6:56 am

Hello and thank you in advance for taking my upcoming submission into consideration.

The image I'm submitting is an integration of M82 Cigar Galaxy taken over the span of six nights.

06.02.2024, 07.02.2024, 08.02.2024, 09.02.2024, 30.03.2024, 31.03.2024

Dâmbovița, România

Total integration time:
24h 55′

SkyWatcher 10" 250PDS / 250mm 1200mm, Hypertuned EQ6R-Pro, ZWO ASI294MM Pro, ZWO EAF, ZWO EFW, ZWO LRGBHSO, ZWO OAG w/ ZWO ASI120MM-Mini

Processing details:
Pixinsight - WBPP, Local Normalization, DBE with GraXpert, Master Luminance generation from all LRGB data, SPCC, SCNR, Generalised Hyperbolic Stretch, Local Histogram Equalization, HDR Multiscale Transform, Ha integration with Pixel Math, BXT, NXT, final adjustments with Curves; Stars were processed separately, SXT, with Masked Stretch, Convolution & Masks to fix saturated star cores typical for Newtonian, SCNR, selective Color Saturation, re-integration with Pixel Math.

Full Resolution Links:
File: ... 03w8SlB61K

Messier 82, commonly known as “Cigar Galaxy” is one of the most exquisite and well known galaxies, located in the constellation Ursa Major at an estimate distance of 11.4–12.4 million light years. Due to gravitational interactions with its sibling cosmic vortex, M81 “Bode’s Galaxy”, M82 features an irregular morphology with a huge starburst activity, meaning the galaxy experiences exceptionally high rates of star formations. Consequently, this galaxy emits large amounts of energy across the electromagnetic spectrum, from radio waves to gamma rays. The image has effectively highlighted these star factory regions with the help of the Hydrogen Alpha filter that was used in the acquisition of data. The galaxy earned its nickname because of its shape that resembles a hand made cigar which has been split apart from the middle and had the tobacco flakes bursting out. Apart from the galaxy itself, many faraway background galaxies can also be observed throughout the image, some of which are located at a staggering distance of 2-3 billion light years away.

Preview (Small resolution):


Kind regards,
Radu Marinescu

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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by doimg » Mon Apr 15, 2024 5:08 pm

NGC2237 Rosette Nebula SHO w RGB - January - March 2024 - doimg.jpg
NGC2237 - Rosette Nebula - Custom SHO RGB Palette

A target I've wanted to image for a while since starting astrophotography properly around 2021 when I realised I could image DSOs from my backyard. This insight opened up the universe to my eyes, via imaging anyway. Visual has always alluded me due to living in a Bortle 7 zone but a camera has the advantage of seeing over time, not at the time, and thus reveals jewels like the Rosette Nebula in plain sight.

Located in the constellation Monoceros at magnitude +5.5 a target rich in all Sii, Ha and Oiii band passes and attractive in colour to me due to the rich Oiii signal allowing for more colour options when post processing. I started capturing SHO, from January 2024 where I had a productive 3 sessions during freezing conditions, then had to wait until early March to finish the Oiii, then another few weeks until end of March as the target was sinking lower and lower behind rooflines as time went by to finally capture RGB using an L-Extreme filter, all captured with my C6 and Hyperstar, the stars were captured with my venerable WO Z61 in true RGB and composited.

The image is primarily SHO, with the RGB masked and blended on top in certain areas to loosely depict a rose shape, not quite true red as per Ha emission but subtler for a more attractive colour combination with the Hubble Palette Ha and complimenting and contrasting with the rich Hubble Palette Oiii blue. I think it works well as a piece of artistic interpretation of received emission signal, this is the second I've done in this custom palette after the Heart and Soul Nebula I did end of 2023.

Hope you enjoy the image, and don't forget to look up at the clear skies. For added content feel free to see my astrophotography journey via my Flickr profile "doimg".

Link to full size image:
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by vanamonde81 » Mon Apr 15, 2024 6:49 pm

Copyright: György Soponyai

This photo sequence was taken during the totality of the solar eclipse on 2024-04-08 in every five seconds. By enlarging the image you can inspect the slow move of the lunar disk in front of the prominences of the solar atmosphere. The rightmost photo was the first one to be taken.


2024.04.08. Montréal, Canada
Canon RP + Tamron EF 150-600 @600mm
18 x 1/800 sec, f/11, ISO 400

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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by moshen » Tue Apr 16, 2024 7:42 am

I spent much of totality examining the corona in 10x42 binoculars, taking in all the details I could see visually. I processed the data for this image to recreate the view I saw visually.

Shot at 644mm f/7, Canon R5, Poplar Bluff, Missouri. HDR of four sets of different exposures, each integrated for noise.

ImageThe Hidden Corona by Moshen Chan, on Flickr
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by Wah! » Tue Apr 16, 2024 3:26 pm

Changing flights from Texas to Toronto and driving for a few hours to escape from the cloud, we finally reached Ayer's Cliff.
Multiple exposures were used to create this HDR solar eclipse image and hope you enjoy it. :D
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Julien Looten
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by Julien Looten » Tue Apr 16, 2024 5:59 pm

Milky Way reflection
Copyright: Julien Looten


For the first Milky Way of the year 2024, I take you to the Quercy Park, in the Southwest of France, sometimes nicknamed "the Quercy's Black Triangle," has been renowned since the 2000s for offering one of the most beautiful night skies in France for stargazing. Indeed, the almost complete absence of light pollution, due to the low number of nearby cities and villages as well as the efforts of local officials to turn off streetlights, allows for the admiration and capture of the Milky Way.

Here is a portrait of the Milky Way, reflected in the calm waters of Lacam Lake!

Water is very scarce in Quercy as it easily seeps into the ground... This lake was an invaluable source in the Middle Ages for shepherds and their flocks!Capturing this kind of shot is always a challenge; it requires perfectly calm water, without currents or wind, as well as a very clear sky... Those conditions were met that evening! Thus, the Milky Way reveals itself both in the sky and in the landscape, for the greatest pleasure of the eyes.

Panorama composed of 10 photographs - 13 seconds per shot (no tracking or stacking) - ISO 1600 - Sigma 28mm f/1.4 (f/1.6) - Canon 6D Astrodon Camera

Alson Wong
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by Alson Wong » Wed Apr 17, 2024 3:05 am

Total Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024
Copyright: Alson Wong
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by tango33 » Wed Apr 17, 2024 10:43 pm

The cosmic Horseshoe
Just returned from a trip to Namibia and decided that my first processed image will be this challenging tiny object - even with a 24" RC scope this object - only 10" in diameter, is a tough one.
At first glance in the full frame it is very hard to see...
Only after enlargement - are the details seen...

Hope you will like it,

Kfir Simon

Full details:

full frame (actually it is only about 60% of the full frame of the camera): With inset: only the inset:

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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by andrea_girones » Wed Apr 17, 2024 11:13 pm

2 towns in 2 different countries = 2 different totalities.
Who was on the edge of Totality?
Can you tell which one of us was closer to the edge of the line of totality? And which one was shot on the centre line?
One set was Imaged in Arkansas near Little Rock and the other shot from Lac Megantic in Quebec.
As you get further and further away form the centre line of totality, the "diamonds" show up in different ways and at different angles.
Thanks to Britt MIller for letting me share her lovely images.

ImageWho was on the edge of totality? by Andrea Girones, on Flickr

Credit Andrea Girones and Britt Miller Shot April 8th 2024, from Arkansas and Quebec, combined in Photoshop.

The Dorothy Project

Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by The Dorothy Project » Thu Apr 18, 2024 3:01 am


Montreal, April 11, 2024 - a team of Quebecois enthusiasts of science and astronomy achieved the feat of sending four cameras 34 km above the earth to film last Monday's total eclipse in 6K , using a stratospheric balloon.
After 6 test flights, hundreds of hours of engineering and adjustments to build a module resistant to the extreme conditions of the stratosphere, the images collected are extremely rare. They were filmed live from the sky of Quebec, one of the optimal places to admire the eclipse.

An immersive 360-degree environmental film.

This flight, Mission UMBRA (the shadow of the Moon projected on the Earth, which the project team captured !) was imagined not only with the idea of ​​capturing this unique moment but also with the aim of subsequently creating an immersive and eco-dreamlike film about the way we perceive our planet. Projected in a dome, this film offering breathtaking images of the earth seen from the sky will aim to poetically awaken the public's ecological awareness.

Have excessive dreams so you do not lose sight of them.

Made up of a heterogeneous, entirely voluntary team, from the movie industrie, culture, artists, craftsmen and community workers, the DOROTHY project was built thanks to resourcefulness, the motivation and infinite potential of its members' dreams.
Born from a first unsuccessful attempt to capture the eclipse in 2017, the DOROTHY project, a notable example of successful DYI, was technically refined and grew to today bring together a team of ten people after raising money via crowd-funding allowed this flight to exist, and to capture these impressive and unique images of the eclipse.

To be continued.

If you want to know more about the project :

Alson Wong
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by Alson Wong » Thu Apr 18, 2024 4:10 pm

Total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024
Copyright: Alson Wong

Latest version after additional tweaks.
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by ma.mcgovern » Thu Apr 18, 2024 9:57 pm

M31 – Andromeda galaxy as imaged by an amateur.

I think it is incredible how far our knowledge of the universe has progressed in under 100 years. For example, it was only 99 years ago that we (American astronomer Edwin Hubble) discovered/proved that our Milky Way was not the boundary to the universe. Over the years many people said Andromeda was a nebula, with a few exceptions who thought it was another galaxy (Philosopher Immanuel Kant in 1755, American Astronomer Heber Curtis in 1917….). In 1920, the Great Debate between Harlow Shapley and Heber Curtis took place about the nature of the Milky Way, spiral nebulae, and the dimensions of the universe. Then in 1925 Edwin Hubble settled the debate when his measurement demonstrated conclusively that this feature was not a cluster of stars and gas within our own galaxy, but an entirely separate galaxy located a significant distance from the Milky Way and the advancements continue…. Brilliant scientist and thinkers past and present, we thank you all.

M31_L_Pro_16Aug_15Sept23 trial3 rot 180deg small.jpg
[url=][img]htt ... .jpg[/img]M31_L_Pro_16Aug_15Sept23 trial3 rot 180deg small by Martina McGovern, on Flickr[/url]

The Andromeda galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy and is the nearest major galaxy to our Milky Way galaxy. It is approx. 2.5 million Light-years from Earth, not far at all really, in the constellation of Andromeda.

Total integration time for this image is 26.5hrs.

Equipment details:
Askar FRA400 (400mm FL), HEQ5 PRO, guided, ZWO ASI2600MC Pro, the Optolong L-Pro filter ….
All controlled with an ASIair Plus.

Imaging details:
L-Pro, 120sec x 794 subs, 26.5hrs, captured over 6 nights during August and Sept 2023.

Where captured:
From my garden in the UK, near Cambridge city (in a very small village), Bortle 4 (ish).

Processing software:
Deep Sky Stacker was used to stack, then PixInsight to process.

Thanks for looking and wishing you all Clear skies.

Instagram account is
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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by nwinston » Fri Apr 19, 2024 1:49 am

2024 Total Eclipse: The Great American Eclipse in 8K
Click to play embedded YouTube video.
Hello! I have just completed this final edit of video I shot of the 2024 Solar Eclipse. From the path of totality in Pocahontas, Arkansas, I leveraged 8K raw video and a long focal length to capture maximum during this incredible event. I was also fortunate to have excellent seeing conditions and a very stable image, possibly due to atmospheric cooling from the lunar shadow?

This video was taken with a Canon R5 shooting 12bit 8K raw video through a Celestron C-11 XLT telescope with a 0.75x focal reducer, for a total focal length of 2100mm at f/7.5. The video was processed in Adobe Premiere Pro. Audio is licensed by me.

Thank you!

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Re: Submissions: 2024 April

Post by zombi » Sat Apr 20, 2024 7:09 pm

Wishing Well Cluster


Wishing Well Cluster by .zombi., on Flickr

Imaging telescopes: Takahashi FSQ-106EDXIII
Imaging cameras: Moravian G3-16200EC
Accessories: Reducer-QE 0.73X
Mounts: ZWO AM5
Software: N.I.N.A. · PixInsight · Adobe Photoshop

Baader O-III 8.5nm 50 mm: 11×600″(1h 50′)
Baader S-II 8nm 50 mm: 11×600″(1h 50′)
SVBony H-alpha 7nm 2": 13×600″(2h 10′)

Photographic technique: SHO

Integration: 5h 50′
Bortle Dark-Sky Scale: 1/2

Location: RPA - Blesfontein Guest Farm
Dates: April 18, 2023

The cluster NGC 3532, also known as the Wishing Well Cluster, is a bright open cluster located in the constellation of Carina, approximately 1321 light-years from Earth. It consists of about 400 stars, including many binary stars, seven red giants, and seven white dwarfs. Its brightness is 3 magnitudes, and its angular size is 64.3 arc minutes – about twice the size of the full Moon. The estimated age of the cluster is about 300 million years, which makes it a middle-aged cluster compared to other open clusters. NGC 3532 was discovered by the French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in January 1752.

Picture taken in April 2023 during an astrophotography safari in South Africa.

Image Credit & Copyright: Przemysław Ząbczyk


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Re: Comet 12P-April 18th

Post by Efrain Morales » Sun Apr 21, 2024 2:44 pm

Comet 12P/Pons–Brooks on April 18th. within days (April 21st) to its close encounter to the Sun. 12P/Pons–Brooks is a periodic comet with an orbital period of 71 years. At an altitude of 6 deg, from the south west horizon.
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