Welcome to an APOD Discussion Forum

Comments and questions about the APOD on the main view screen.
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Welcome to an APOD Discussion Forum

Post by RJN » Tue Jul 27, 2004 2:02 pm

Welcome! This forum is intented to be a polite but informal disussion of the APOD. The main NASA URL of APOD is http://apod.nasa.gov/ (see also list of APOD mirrors, RSS feeds and related resources).

First let me point out that this is not a NASA site and that anything said here by anyone does not imply a statement by NASA or an endorsement from NASA.

Next, please note that although Jerry (Bonnell) and I might read this board on occsasion, we will likely not be able to follow all of the discussions. I therefore ask that any questions be directed to the APOD bulletin board community in general and not specifically to us. Also, if you know the answer to something that someone is asking, please feel free to answer it yourself and not wait for one of us to answer.

Last, you might wonder: why an APOD bulletin board is on the Night Sky Live site? The answer is that I am involved in both projects and so it is particularly convenient for me to place this discussion forum here.

- Robert Nemiroff (rjn)