Introduction: Extraordinary Concepts in Physics

Interesting physics explained with many thought experiments and little math.
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Introduction: Extraordinary Concepts in Physics

Post by RJN » Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:28 pm

Posted in this forum are the lectures of a free physics course as taught by me, APOD co-editor and university professor Robert Nemiroff, at Michigan Technological University in the fall of 2010. Each lecture of the class is included here, one lecture per thread. Each lecture runs about 15 minutes or less. Each lecture thread should contain at least one video lecture and one Powerpoint file containing the slides that I used. I was proud that I used no textbook for this class but instead relied on strong Wikipedia articles. This made the class especially Internet friendly and particularly conducive to this type of online forum. Several MTU students are seeing these exact lectures in Fall 2010 as they appear as part of the course Extraordinary Concepts in Physics. Those students will be writing reports and taking a final exam that is not available here to receive college credit at Michigan Tech.

Questions pertaining to the lectures can be asked in a subforum designed for questions. As I expect to move on to other projects and would like this project to run autonomously. I therefore ask that if someone knows the answer to an asked question, please go right ahead and answer that question. Please do not wait for me to answer. On occasion, however, I do peruse The Asterisk's forums.

Next, I expect that I have made several mistakes. I cannot correct the video, but please do point these out in The Asterisk forums so that future online students get the best information possible. Past that, the general rules for posting on The Asterisk bulletin board still apply as much as reasonably possible. These rules can be summed up as "be polite."

Over the last few months of 2010, this thread and this very post may be edited without notice for clarity and technology upgrades. If you yourself have suggestions as to how to make this free online course better or more accessible, please post that on the general discussion (Open Space) forum of The Asterisk.

- Robert Nemiroff (RJN)

Extraordinary Concepts in Physics - YouTube Playlist

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