Exeter: Project to Study Artificial Lighting from Space

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Exeter: Project to Study Artificial Lighting from Space

Post by bystander » Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:56 pm

Project Launched to Study Artificial Lighting at Night from Space
University of Exeter | 2019 Oct 10

Citizen scientists are being urged to help shine a light on one of the most significant, yet often neglected, environmental issues by using photos taken from space.

Experts from the University of Exeter are leading a pioneering new project, called Lost at Night, which studies the effects of artificial light pollution at night.

As part of the project, the research team are inviting members of the public to study high resolution, colour photographs taken by astronauts on the International Space Station that show cities lit up at night. ...

Participants are asked to match unknown photos of cities to known ones in order to train a robot to automatically recognise and locate images. By locating the images, they can be used by scientists to study the impacts and rate of change of light pollution on a global scale. ...

EMISSI@N Project: Ecological Monitoring from International Space Station Images at Night
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