Venus phases through months

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Venus phases through months

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[*]Hi, this is a composition of the phases of Venus, taken by me over the months. The mosaic consists of four photos, in which the progressively waning phase of the planet is clearly evident, from gibbous (to the left), to sickle to the right. The planet's apparent size also visibly increased, as the planet approached Earth. The photos were taken from April to the end of July, from left to right respectively: the first image taken on April 7, with the phase corresponding to 75.2% of the illuminated disk; the second on 12 June at 44.9%; the third on 10 July at 24.1% and finally the fourth on 22 July at 13.3%.
The photos were taken with a newton 10” f5 and an Altair planetary camera, in visible light, then processed with software such as PIPP, Autostakkert, Registax and Photoshop, from Altamura (Italy)
My name is Giuseppe Livrieri, I'm 22 and I'm an amateur astronomer. I collaborate with the Bari Planetarium (Italy) in the scientific publication, as well as with many other secondary associations in the Apulian territory.

This is my Instagram account: ... Q4Mg%3D%3D

These are the links of the photo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: ... BiNWFlZA== ... 8yvKA&s=19 ... 9206333343