NASA: ISS operations continued to at least 2020

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NASA: ISS operations continued to at least 2020

Post by bystander » Sun Feb 07, 2010 6:28 pm

Space Station Primed for New Era of Scientific Discoveries
NASA PR 10-036 - 2010 Feb 05
NASA and its international partners are looking forward to unprecedented scientific opportunities aboard the International Space Station, or ISS. With station assembly nearing completion, the ISS Partnership is looking forward to using the station to its fullest capacity. The U.S. administration's fiscal year 2011 budget proposal calls for continuing station operations to at least 2020, which will create new opportunities for advancing microgravity science research.

The entire statement is available at: ... 020110.pdf

NASA has a new Web feature that provides examples of space station research dividends including cancer treatment, food poisoning vaccine development, air purification, remote ultrasound tests and many more.

For more information about station science payoffs, visit: ... ation.html