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Know Your APOD Page

Post by owlice » Thu May 13, 2010 8:55 pm

Things you may not know about the APOD page

Beneath the "Tomorrow's picture:" line, which is under the explanatory text, are navigation and other links.

The arrows at either end of the links line are for navigation to the APODs for the previous and next day, respectively.
[attachment=4]APOD links navigation.JPG[/attachment]

The Archive link brings you to a dynamic list of all APODs, in reverse date order with titles; each title is clickable and will bring up the APOD for that day.
[attachment=1]APOD links archive.jpg[/attachment]

The Calendar link brings you to a dynamic list of all the months APOD has been online; each month is clickable and will bring up thumbnail images of all images run in that particular month.
[attachment=3]APOD links calendar.JPG[/attachment]

The Discuss link brings you here, to Starship Asterisk; specifically, it takes you to the discussion thread for that day's APOD. [attachment=2]APOD links discuss.JPG[/attachment]

From that thread, you can go to the forum index page (Board Index) and then into different areas to Interested in finding out how to submit an image, who writes APOD, where the mirror sites are, how else APOD is accessible, and about image permissions? Click on the About APOD link. That will take you to a page with a lot of information on it; there's a link on the About APOD page to the FAQ page, too.
[attachment=0]APOD links about.jpg[/attachment]
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